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The Alaskan Adventure

When people think of sailing they often think of sun and the Caribbean.  This couple has found their piece of paradise in a small boat cruising Alaska on a Cal 34.  There are no crowded harbors and lots of wildlife which makes this story very unique.  More, a lot of people think the only way to enjoy the Northern climes is with a steel boat to protect you against submerged logs and small icebergs.  This couple shows you can do it in a fiberglass boat.  Cal boats have circumnavigated the world, so it is not surprising to find them in Alaska.

Chichagof Circumnavigation SE Alaska Sailing

Captain Peter Frost takes us on a Circumnavigation of Chichagof Island in SE Alaska aboard Frost's Cape George cutter sailboat, Privateer, in the summer of 2012. Pictures and video set to music.
His blog of the 4 week trip is at:

Captain Peter Frost's website for his expeditions is at: and their blog for their round the world circumnavigation is at:

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