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More Comments From Nina Petition Signers, Where is John Kerry?

Family Asks State Department To Take Leadership Role In Nina Search


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We have a petition drive in process to ask the Department of State to take a leadership role in finding the sailors aboard the Nina, a 1928 schooner that disappeared on June 4th, 2013. 

 The families, through their search advisor, Texas Equusearch, asked the Coast Guard for help, but the effort was blocked by the Department of State. The DoS sent the families to an office in the Department of State which helps relatives make FINAL ARRANGEMENTS for Americans who go missing overseas.

We feel it is inappropriate for the Department of State to advocate for final arrangements while an active search is in progress. The family asks the Department of State, and John Kerry, to take a leadership role in finding the missing sailors aboard the Nina.

Please SIGN THE PETITION and ask your friends to sign it too!  You can sign it HERE.

TES Executive Search Advisor, Ralph Baird

Here is what some of the people who signed the petition say:

David is a friend and classmate of my husband

This is very important to me because one of the seven crew members happens to be my nephew. It is very disheartening to sit here and watch our countries government do nothing to save our families. Our family has had many members of our family that fought in the first war to keep our country free.

It's a shame not to find out what happened. Hopefully they are all still alive but if not, we all need closure, especially the families

I know his mother

There are 7 beautiful human beings that need this country's assistance.!!

Local Home town boy missing at sea..


I know the family of one of the missing.

These are human lives! Hello!!

I have one child, 19 year old honor student Danielle Wright, and she's out there drifting on the Nina, waiting with the rest of the crew to be rescued. It is critical that our US Government come to our aid, as I believe they will when enough attention is given to our plight.

To save lives of the seven aboard the Nina

I am signing this petition in the hopes that our government will save the 7 lives aboard the Nina!

I attended high school with the Captain David Dyche




Digital Globe tasked a satellite to take photographs of the Tasman Sea!  Why not see if you can find the Nina?



My niece, Danielle Wright, is aboard the disabled Nina! Please HELP! When they reach land this will hit the news worldwide!

Petition Campaign Photo

They are our people.

Friend of Kyle Jackson

If this was your child, wouldn't you want to find them in any way, shape or form? Very disappointed in the U.S Government. I know Kyle and his family. I live in the same town. Please help them poor lost souls. It's time to bring them home. God Bless to everyone for there hard work on helping with the search so far. Hope and Faith.
They need help.

Family Supports Family

There are 7 people waiting to be found in the Tasman sea... From 18 to 70 years old... We Heed Your Help !!! Please !!!
One of the people on board is a relative of a dear friend.

7 people from age 17 to 70 need your help for survival!

These 7 people and their families need us to do everything humanely possibly to find their love ones.


Please donate to the Nina Rescue Fund!  

Keep the planes in the air!

Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
c/o Amegy Bank215 FM 517 Road West
DickinsonTX 77539
Attention: Ms. Alicia White
(281) 337-9390

You can give ON LINE, HERE!


These 7 are humans- they are brothers mothers sisters cousins friends... They DESERVE to be searched for. Nothing says they sunk-- there is NOTHING saying that, until there is they should be searched for! Their lives have value.. If it was your family missing you would be looking. Please help us find them.

My Loved on are on board, they deserve to be found, if it was one of your loved ones, they would certainly have been reached for until they were found and rescued, all the families need answers to heal, we still hold on to hope, we are asking for what is the Right thing for America to do..

If I were lost I sure would want to be rescued.

At The Press Conference

One of the crew members is my wife's nephew. These people need to be brought home

If it was my child out there, I would want someone to help find them.

Kyle is the step-son of a very good friend of mine.

Friends of the Wright Family.

The families need to bring their families home. My cousin's son is on the Nina!! Please help

I am personal friend of the Wright family and they are hard-working, honest people. Danielle is their only child and I can't even imagine what they are going through, knowing they may never have closure over her absence, wondering if they did all that could be done, trying to find her. Please help them have this closure. 

Family and volunteers at press conference

Personal friend

I know Danielle Wright and her family! Plus the other people on the yacht are important to the their family and friends!!!!

Enough is enough!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP FIND OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!! Alive and trying to survive at sea!!!!

Kyle and his family are life long friends of mine. He and my son graduated from high school together so we have watched Kyle grow into the fine young man he is today. Please bring him and the rest of the sailors home!!

If it were MY family member, I would not want the world to give up on them.

Went to school with David, and bottom he would do it for me.

I'm a 30 year Navy veteran..finding someone lost at sea is a tradition in which, generally, all Navy's in the vicinity usually participate.

John Glennie and three sailors survived 119 days on the Rose Noelle which capsized off of the coast of New Zealand

Everyone deserves to be found, we have a Nebraska native on that boat, Nebraskans DO NOT GIVE UP

They are alive & waiting to be found!!!

David. the Captain is a friend

Kyle Jackson was my friend and it is the right thing to do for the family !!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!!


This is important to me because I am a Mom and if it was my child lost out there I would do everything humanly possible to bring them home. Not knowing is the worst nightmare imaginable.

These family members need to know, and there is a chance the crew members are alive somewhere needing help.

I went to school with David and Cheri (his twin) in the Florida Keys. All of us want to be able to bring all 7 on board home alive. How dare the government not want to help find its own citizens. They have paid into you too! We have been raising money to have searches go out and help find them. Why can't you help too! If they were your children I bet you would do everything possible and not give up. So please help.


1,125 people vote 4 #ninarescue of 7 sailors! Please add your voice! @washingtonpost @StateDept


Every family deserves to know what happened to their loved ones. they could still be alive on an island waiting for rescue

Danielle Wright is related to my brother in law and I would love to see her re-united with her loving and caring family. Her mother is the sweetest person I have ever met and so are her grand parents.

How can one give up on HOPE?

Thank each and every one of you for your support.  Unfortunately, more needs to be done.  Please contact your long forgotten aunt, uncle, brother, father, sister and then contact all of their friends, we need more signatures to make convince the U.S. Department of State to do what is right for fellow Americans and a British Citizen.


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Comments From Petition Drive To Save Seven Sailors

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Page 74 All Is Lost, Lost Is Not Alone

Evi Nemeth


Ask the Department of State to take a leadership role for the sailors!

Here are some of the comments made during our petition drive to the Department of State to support the seven sailors trapped on the Nina, a 1928 schooner, that went missing in the Tasman Sea.   We have posted them here because won't give us the space to post them in one place there.  As it is, we will have to break these into groups. 

Some of these comments will break your heart!  Others should give you great hope for the courage of people around the world to stand up for what is right!

We have the support of many people.  Where is the support of the Department of State?  The U.S. has resources it is not using, why not deploy them to help the seven sailors?


My son Kyle Jackson is one of the missing 7 aboard the Nina!

FACT: The 7 on the schooner Nina are alive. FACT:the US has done absolutely nothing to help. FACT: there is no excuse for avoiding to help. FACT: the US must assist the families and locate the schooner and save these fine outstanding citizens. An administrative error was made by the Secretary of State John Kerry to not assist: WHY? I ask WHY?

Ralph Baird, Press Conference, Call State

There is no evidence that the seven (7) on board the schooner Nina are not surviving and in need of help.

When traveling abroad, I would assume that most
Americans believe that if they run into any kind of trouble that the US Government would be interested in assisting them or finding them. If you travel abroad, you really do need to think again, if you a victim of a crime or you are lost and missing, you are virtually on your own and your family will have to sort out the details alone.

Sue Wootton, Fund Raiser

The 6 Americans and 1 Brit on the US registered yacht Nina deserve to be found. They are Americans and need the help of the US government to find them.

This is an American lost at sea. SOLAS is something we still follow. If I was was AMCIT lost overseas I would hope that the American government would treat me like a military member and follow the preamble to the code of conduct. They are Americans who paid taxes and earned the right to be saved.


This is important to me because these are seven human beings who have families, six who are American citizens.

Evi Nemeth Dingy

If any one of the seven were a family member of yours, you would appropriate resources. We all know it.

Please Help find our Friends! Don't leave them stranded and waiting for us to save them!!!

Absolutely no evidence the Nina capsized, no debris, too many errors and obstacles, all on this large body of water. Think of the possibilities... if only the state dept had gotten involved in the first place. You can make a difference now!!

Ralph Baird At Press Conference

When WOULD you STOP looking for YOUR CHILD or grandchild?? I am helping with the search. If one of my loved ones were missing, I would hope I could depend on my COUNTRY to CARE and use whatever resources available to assist in returning Americans home! WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER!

We need help from the US government!!!

These are the lives of people who have families and many loved ones. These families must feel so hopeless. Please allow God to use you to help with this amazing effort.

Dan Molina Prepares For Press Conference

I know relatives of Danielle Wright.

Because the government should support families searching for the lost sailors! Ask why our government won't support this rescue at sea!

I want to know that our government is truly interested in our safety and welfare - not just our cell phone history!
kyle is the son of a vary good friend of mine plz help find them

Dedicated Volunteers, TES

7 alive on the Nina need our help to find them.
more Americans being left behind with no regard for their lives!

Because I'm a sailor and I do think it's the State Departments role to stop any private citizen or private group from looking for missing people...under any circumstances.

Crew member Matthew Wootton

These people need our help to return to their families. It is our duty as citizens of the United States (and the world) to help our brothers and sisters. We need our government's help in locating and saving the seven crew members of the Nina.

They are good people, friends of the family and I feel it was irresponsibility in the U.S. and New Zealand governments that has cost this search so much time to begin with. Their sea, our citizens, find them please

Families, Tim Wright, John Glennie, Press Conference

Six American lives are at stake. One, Kyle Jackson, is very important to the people of this area. Doesn't our government help Americans? or is it like Katrina and Benghazi?
It is important to find these people....why would it not be important?


Friends of family

Individuals should ALWAYS be allowed to search for missing people if an overriding reason to desist cannot be shown.

Tomnod Image

My daughter, Danielle Wright, is a crew person on board. Our Country, U.S.A., has let us down by not joining the search and helping New Zealand. New Zealand has 4MM population when USA has 400MM population. There is no excuse for the USA to hold back from helping to search for the 7 missing lives, including 6 Americans.

My kids were in a home school school with Danielle. We want Danielle to be located and brought home.

It is the right thing to do!

Kyle Jackson is my sister's step son. I cant imagine NOT looking for my own child should he be in the same situation...there is still hope!

Wright Family While Sailing In Caribbean

The skipper, David Dyche, is my former brother-in-law. We just wish for closure - to find them if they are still alive or find evidence that the boat sank... Important that we just find out!

One of the crew members (kyle Jackson) is my cousin and we know that kyle is a fighter and survivor. We know that they are all still alive and waiting for us to come get them. We have got to have the support of the US government to find our family members. There are 6 American citizens on that schooner and why can't the government help us find them like they help find other missing American citizens. It is time for our US government to do their jobs and bring back our loved ones.

Dyche Family On Nina

we need to support our military!!!

One of the crew members on the Nina is my nephew. We want him home.

Kyle is from my hometown and a family friend. It's time the U.S. got involved in SAVING 6 U.S. citizens and another very special young man.

I know the family and they need to have their son !!

Kyle is the son of a friend of mine

My son is one of the crew missing.

One of the sailors is a cousin to a friend of mine.


This petition is important to me because the crew of the Nina deserve to live, we just need a few resources from our own government to make this a successful and swift rescue. 100+ days is enough for this group of experienced sailors to be stranded on the high seas. Please work fast through the red tape to find a resolution very soon. Thank you! (And please include Rep. Charles Boustany on this petition...he represents crew member, Danielle Wright, of Lafayette, LA.
A good friend!!

Because these 7 people need to be reunited with their families.

Why not make a donation to the fund to find these brave sailors?

One of the passengers is from our area of LA

I have a friend on that boat. Kyle Jackson is from my town
Because families are hurting.

Watch the 'Life of Pi' and you will understand. Also, I know her uncle and care about anyone he cares about.

A family friend is on the Nina and we would love to have him home!

The crew of the Nina NEED our help! Please!

Robin and Ricky Wright Talk To Reporters, Family Supports

Kyle lives 20 miles and his family has been thru enough. Plz help find the whole crew alive!!!

These people deserved to be searched for and love ones need to find them!

I feel that we should not give up on trying to find them and the government needs to be helping in every way they can!!!! if this was someone from they white house, they wouldn't give up!!!!!!

Family friends nephew is one of the sailors. plus no one should have to stop searching to save their son
Kyle Jackson is my nephew !!!!

All Is Lost, Lost Is Not Alone

Sailor Lost In Indian Ocean 
Battles For Survival


SV Nina

Page 70  Oracle Team Has Everything To Lose, and Everything To Gain
Page 71  My First Bit Part In A Music Video
Page 71  Two Wins To Victory!
Page 72  Families Ask Department Of State To Take Leadership Role
Page 73  Australian At-Sea Rescue Save 1

There is one kind of film which critics always deride.  That is the film in which a single actor is required to carry the entire performance.  Rarely are they able to keep the audience's attention, the audience dozes and the film flops.  

Robert Redford made film history when he burst onto the scene as a youth.  His acting skills bloom as a veteran as he changes the traditional view film critics have of single actor films in All Is Lost!  No one dozes during this tense and exciting performance.

Imagine the adventure of a lifetime.  Man against nature.  A sailor goes to sea single-handing his yacht.  He will fight against sleep, the elements, other ships and animals in the sea.  In this case, one of the first battles is against the nemeses of man, garbage at sea, which leaves a gaping hole in Redford's yacht.

Soon enough, our single-handing sailor finds himself in dire straights.  The unthinkable becomes reality, with conditions deteriorating.  Man meets nature and soon, the prospect of man meeting his maker is artfully played by Redford.

It took a special team to pull this Academy Award nominated film off.  Director Jason Chandler and Robert Redford are that team.  Every sailor and every adventurer should answer the SOS call from the Virginia Jean by seeing All Is Lost.  It is rated PG-13 for strong language.

We have been providing front row, raw coverage, of a rescue of 7 sailors aboard the sailboat Nina. She is a 1928 schooner that went missing in the Tasman Sea. What will they do for food and water?  How will they survive the elements?  How will they manage the mental stress of being lost at sea?   That crew may be facing the real nightmare Redford and Chandler skillfully depict in All is Lost.  The truth for the Nina Sailors, Lost is Not Alone.

Australian At Sea Rescue Saves 1

Helicopter Pulls 1 Person to Safety

Last 5 Posts
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Page 70  Oracle Team Has Everything To Lose, and Everything To Gain
Page 71  My First Bit Part In A Music Video
Page 71  Two Wins To Victory!
Page 72  Families Ask Department Of State To Take Leadership Role

Wayne Sorensen is an Australian commercial fisherman who was 110 miles offshore when disaster struck.  He was on his way back to Australia when he started to have chest pains.  

Rescue Copter Pulls Man To Safety Over Sea

"It was about 8 am and I started having pains in my chest. I called in the guys at about 11am to head back. We got about two hours into the (20-hour) trip home and I felt like I was no good."

Sorensen was put in radio contact with a doctor.

"You are having a heart attack," he was told.

An RACQ Capricorn helicopter was sent to rescue the ailing skipper.  The chopper located Sorensen's fishing boat and lifted him aboard during a risky hover over the boat.  

"I guess it was pretty frightening, but there wasn't a time I thought I was going to die. I've always been pretty fit ... so I definitely wasn't expecting it; I thought it was just heart burn," Sorensen said.

"When they came, I waited on the roof and helped them out. The man said, 'Who's the guy having a heart attack?' and I replied, 'You're looking at him'," he laughed.

After arriving at the hospital, Sorensen was told he had experienced a massive heart attack.  However, thanks to RACQ Capricorn, the salty sailor plans to be "out there" as soon as he recovers.  Sorensen gives the rescue crew an "11 out of 10" for their rescue.

Unlike twin engine aircraft, if a helicopter experiences engine failure they must ditch in the sea.  

Some of the information in this article was obtained from the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

Nina Families Ask Department Of State To Take Leadership Role Petition Launched To 

Encourage Department Of State Support


Talk Show Host Tim Paynter

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Page 71  Two Wins To Victory!

Check out to see why the people who are working on the rescue of the schooner Nina are signing an on-line petition.  They are asking the U.S. Secretary of State to stand behind the families and their search for the missing sailors aboard the historic schooner.

TES Executive Advisor, Ralph Baird, Poses Issue

The families ask the Department of State to take a leadership role in the search for the schooner Nina.  They say a text message they got from crew member, Evi Nemeth, shows the 1928 schooner which disappeared in the Tasman Sea, June 4th, 2013, survived two horrific storms in the area.  With no evidence the sailboat sank, the families suspect the boat remains afloat and the sailors waiting for rescue.

Tomnod Image

Today, team members launched a twitter campaign to underscore the significance of the petition drive.  They want the DoS to support running drift models to determine where the Nina may have drifted to.  The U.S. Coast Guard has the SAROPS software which helps predict the location of drifting vessels.  The family also wants the National Geo Spacial Intelligence Agency to task satellites over the Tasman Sea to help locate the Nina.  Finally, the families seek the assistance of U.S. Navy ships which visit the Tasman Sea to search for the Nina while they are in the area.

Twitter tweet

"Become Famous, Find Sailboat #ninarescue on satellite images from Digital Globe, @state @foxnews"

In the meantime, the families are using information provided by Digital Globe through satellite photographs.  The Fort Collins, Colorado, company serves images using a social network site called Tomnod.  Search representatives say Tomnod is working with them very closely.  People can log onto the network to see if they can spot the Nina.  The above image is a likely possibility, though there are many targets that don't resemble the Nina or a raft.  Why not test your talent and see if you can find the Nina?

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Kiwi's Push To Take Cup Today!

Two Wins To Victory!


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Page 68  A Special Song Inspires, Kingdom
Page 69  Kiwi's Push For Win At America's Cup
Page 70  Oracle Team Has Everything To Lose, and Everything To Gain
Page 71  My First Bit Part In A Music Video

Oracle Team Fighting For Survival!

Oracle Team has fallen hopelessly behind the New Zealand team.  All the Emirates Team NZ needs is two more wins.  If those come today, the planned press conference will turn into a final award of the America's Cup.

Oracle Team is defending the Cup.  New Zeland is on it's toes, the entire nation of 4 million anxious for any news.  Oracle Team inched closer to making this an even race with one win during the past race day.  However, they needed both wins to keep the Kiwi's from marching to victory.

The video is of the Luis Vuitton Cup, which helped the Kiwi's practice their style!

Stay tuned to Sailing Savoir Faire for news about the America's Cup and the quest of two nation's to win the Cup.  The Kiwi's push for a steal, while the U.S. Oracle Team seeks to keep the Cup here in the U.S. 


Volunteers continue to work on the search for the Nina.  Official government efforts halted on July 5th, 2013.  The family believes the sailors are on a disabled yacht, floating in the reverse circular currents of the Tasman Sea.  Eventually, the boat will float to Australia or New Zealand.  Past boats which took this route have floated for up to a year.

You can help find the Nina on satellite images taken by Digital Globe and served on a crowd sourcing site called Tomnod.
Why not find the Nina HERE and put your name in the history books?