Saturday, September 7, 2013

Equusearch Ready For Scramble Over Life Raft

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Page 60  It Was Good New, More Good News and Still More Good News
Page 61  Lafayette, Louisiana to Bassett Nebraska, In Support Of The Nina 7 

Page 62  Prayers For A Pioneer, Equusearch Founder, Tim Miller

"Is that a raft?" Barbara asked.  She is one of the leads checking objects identified on satellite images.  They are looking for the 1928 sailing schooner, Nina, and her seven man crew.  The schooner disappeared on June 4th, 2013.''

The image, which had been obtained from the crowd sourcing Tomnod Site, was causing heads to turn and excited conversation in the search community.  

Finally, after weeks of hard work, an image of a potential target was worth the cost of running a drift model to investigate where the target might have floated to since the satellite image of the object was taken. The image appears to be round and with a trailing veil like a sail.

The RCC-NZ suspended it's search for the Nina and her crew on July 5th, 2013. However, they promised to resume the search the moment a viable target is located.  They will give all images a hard look before sending their aircraft out to search.  Still, this is the best news the search team has had in a long time.


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