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Nina Families Ask Department Of State To Take Leadership Role Petition Launched To 

Encourage Department Of State Support


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Check out to see why the people who are working on the rescue of the schooner Nina are signing an on-line petition.  They are asking the U.S. Secretary of State to stand behind the families and their search for the missing sailors aboard the historic schooner.

TES Executive Advisor, Ralph Baird, Poses Issue

The families ask the Department of State to take a leadership role in the search for the schooner Nina.  They say a text message they got from crew member, Evi Nemeth, shows the 1928 schooner which disappeared in the Tasman Sea, June 4th, 2013, survived two horrific storms in the area.  With no evidence the sailboat sank, the families suspect the boat remains afloat and the sailors waiting for rescue.

Tomnod Image

Today, team members launched a twitter campaign to underscore the significance of the petition drive.  They want the DoS to support running drift models to determine where the Nina may have drifted to.  The U.S. Coast Guard has the SAROPS software which helps predict the location of drifting vessels.  The family also wants the National Geo Spacial Intelligence Agency to task satellites over the Tasman Sea to help locate the Nina.  Finally, the families seek the assistance of U.S. Navy ships which visit the Tasman Sea to search for the Nina while they are in the area.

Twitter tweet

"Become Famous, Find Sailboat #ninarescue on satellite images from Digital Globe, @state @foxnews"

In the meantime, the families are using information provided by Digital Globe through satellite photographs.  The Fort Collins, Colorado, company serves images using a social network site called Tomnod.  Search representatives say Tomnod is working with them very closely.  People can log onto the network to see if they can spot the Nina.  The above image is a likely possibility, though there are many targets that don't resemble the Nina or a raft.  Why not test your talent and see if you can find the Nina?

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