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All Is Lost, Lost Is Not Alone

Sailor Lost In Indian Ocean 
Battles For Survival


SV Nina

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There is one kind of film which critics always deride.  That is the film in which a single actor is required to carry the entire performance.  Rarely are they able to keep the audience's attention, the audience dozes and the film flops.  

Robert Redford made film history when he burst onto the scene as a youth.  His acting skills bloom as a veteran as he changes the traditional view film critics have of single actor films in All Is Lost!  No one dozes during this tense and exciting performance.

Imagine the adventure of a lifetime.  Man against nature.  A sailor goes to sea single-handing his yacht.  He will fight against sleep, the elements, other ships and animals in the sea.  In this case, one of the first battles is against the nemeses of man, garbage at sea, which leaves a gaping hole in Redford's yacht.

Soon enough, our single-handing sailor finds himself in dire straights.  The unthinkable becomes reality, with conditions deteriorating.  Man meets nature and soon, the prospect of man meeting his maker is artfully played by Redford.

It took a special team to pull this Academy Award nominated film off.  Director Jason Chandler and Robert Redford are that team.  Every sailor and every adventurer should answer the SOS call from the Virginia Jean by seeing All Is Lost.  It is rated PG-13 for strong language.

We have been providing front row, raw coverage, of a rescue of 7 sailors aboard the sailboat Nina. She is a 1928 schooner that went missing in the Tasman Sea. What will they do for food and water?  How will they survive the elements?  How will they manage the mental stress of being lost at sea?   That crew may be facing the real nightmare Redford and Chandler skillfully depict in All is Lost.  The truth for the Nina Sailors, Lost is Not Alone.

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