Monday, September 9, 2013

Planes Flying For Nina, 7 Man Crew Missing 98 Days

Search by Air Continues, Nina Rescue


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Planes were back in the air this weekend looking for a seven man crew aboard the historic schooner, the Nina.  The sailors have been missing since June 4th.  They are spending their 98th day since "a catastrophic event" destroyed their sails and power, leaving them floating and stranded without communications in the Tasman Sea between the coast of New Zealand and Australia. 

Map of Current Search Area

Friday, there was great enthusiasm in the ranks of Texas Equusearch, (TES) the organization charged with advising some of the family members about the best way to search for the sailors.  TES has been credited for finding 300 people which law enforcement and even the military were unable to locate.

Several of the people volunteering to look for the Nina on satellite images spotted what looked like a raft.  The find was exciting enough, TES had a drift model run on the object to determine where it likely drifter to since being photographed on September 2nd, 2013.  Planes were scrambled to search for the object plus search a target area just off the coast of Australia where many yachts have drifted to when left to their own devices.

Executive Search Coordinator, Ralph Baird, said   "The search aircraft has returned to Ballina NSW AUS at the end of day, Monday(Monday morning in Houston TX/Lafayette LA/Bassett NE); search areas north and west of the Middleton Reef and east of the Middleton Basin including search area SA-209-02 are being searched. So far in the past few days, 8260 sq NM have been searched around these two areas bracketing 159 deg longitude; one plane will be back Tuesday (our Monday night) to continue the visual air searches. See map attached here.

Meanwhile, a fundraiser held in the small community of Bassett, Nebraska, raised a significant sum of money.  The community came out in support of the Sandhills lost youth, Kyle Jackson, a former U.S. senatorial Paige and self styled adventurer.

You can help find the seven sailors stranded on the Nina.  Digital Globe located in Longmont Colorado is the parent company of the crowd sourcing social net program, Tomnod.  Go to Tomnod, and see if you spot her!  Tomnod is serving the satellite images to the public.

Search updates can be found at

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