Monday, September 2, 2013

Low Down On the Hoedown In Lafayette, Louisiana To Save The Nina 7


Sailor, John Glennie, speaks about surviving 119 days off of the coast of New Zealand after his yacht, the Rose Noelle, capsized

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Seven people's lives are at stake.  Some of them have made huge contributions to the United States, like Evi Nemeth, the godmother of Linux, and Matthew Wootton who advocates for a better world and clean water for poor people in third world countries.  Some of the sailors are new in life like Danielle Wright, a model, artist, photographer and psychology student.  Others are on a life adventure, including Kyle Jackson, and David Dyche IV.  Still others are ushering the next generation into a better world, like David and Rosemary Dyche.

Several bands have agreed to do a benefit concert to find the seven lost sailors on the historic American treasure, the Nina, a 1928 schooner that has won championships as a racer for America since her first year in life.  

 The yacht disappeared in the Tasman Sea on June 4th, 2013.  The Rescue Coordination Center of New Zealand suspended the search on June 5th, 2013.


Mike Dean!  Travis Matte!  Beau Young! Dustin Ray!  Blain Roy!  Shawn Lance!  Gino Delafose!  Mackenzie Bourg!  Jamie Bergerone!  Dustin Ray!  And More!

Hang on to your slippers, sisters!  This is going to be the event of the year!

Your help is needed!  There are three things you can do to help!

1.  Come to the benefit concert in Lafayette this weekend; (or make a donation to the cause!)

2. Call The Department Of State and ask them to support the Nina 7; The telephone number is 202.642.4000, push #4, then ask for John Kerry's comment phone line. Leave a message!

3.  Go on the Tomnod site and see if you can spot the Nina on one of the satellite images. 

Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
P.O. Box 395
DickinsonTexas 77539
Office: (281) 309-9500
Fax: (281) 534-6719
Toll Free: (877) 270-9500

Or, mail checks directly to:

Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search


c/o Amegy Bank 215 FM 517 Road West 

DickinsonTX 77539
Attention: Ms. Alicia White
(281) 337-9390

"Un Dia La Vez, Dios Mio, Es Que Lo Pido De Ti,
Da me La Fuerza Para Vivir, Un Dia La Vez"

"One Day At A Time, My Lord, That Is What I Ask Of You, Give Me The Fortitude To Live
One Day At A Time"

Our hearts and our prayers are for the sailors and their families, that in all languages, in all ways, we find the common things that bond us, we come together, we hold hands and we pray for the seven lives that are now in our hands, and the hands of God.

Please help us bring the sailors home!

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