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Comments From Petition Drive To Save Seven Sailors

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Evi Nemeth


Ask the Department of State to take a leadership role for the sailors!

Here are some of the comments made during our petition drive to the Department of State to support the seven sailors trapped on the Nina, a 1928 schooner, that went missing in the Tasman Sea.   We have posted them here because won't give us the space to post them in one place there.  As it is, we will have to break these into groups. 

Some of these comments will break your heart!  Others should give you great hope for the courage of people around the world to stand up for what is right!

We have the support of many people.  Where is the support of the Department of State?  The U.S. has resources it is not using, why not deploy them to help the seven sailors?


My son Kyle Jackson is one of the missing 7 aboard the Nina!

FACT: The 7 on the schooner Nina are alive. FACT:the US has done absolutely nothing to help. FACT: there is no excuse for avoiding to help. FACT: the US must assist the families and locate the schooner and save these fine outstanding citizens. An administrative error was made by the Secretary of State John Kerry to not assist: WHY? I ask WHY?

Ralph Baird, Press Conference, Call State

There is no evidence that the seven (7) on board the schooner Nina are not surviving and in need of help.

When traveling abroad, I would assume that most
Americans believe that if they run into any kind of trouble that the US Government would be interested in assisting them or finding them. If you travel abroad, you really do need to think again, if you a victim of a crime or you are lost and missing, you are virtually on your own and your family will have to sort out the details alone.

Sue Wootton, Fund Raiser

The 6 Americans and 1 Brit on the US registered yacht Nina deserve to be found. They are Americans and need the help of the US government to find them.

This is an American lost at sea. SOLAS is something we still follow. If I was was AMCIT lost overseas I would hope that the American government would treat me like a military member and follow the preamble to the code of conduct. They are Americans who paid taxes and earned the right to be saved.


This is important to me because these are seven human beings who have families, six who are American citizens.

Evi Nemeth Dingy

If any one of the seven were a family member of yours, you would appropriate resources. We all know it.

Please Help find our Friends! Don't leave them stranded and waiting for us to save them!!!

Absolutely no evidence the Nina capsized, no debris, too many errors and obstacles, all on this large body of water. Think of the possibilities... if only the state dept had gotten involved in the first place. You can make a difference now!!

Ralph Baird At Press Conference

When WOULD you STOP looking for YOUR CHILD or grandchild?? I am helping with the search. If one of my loved ones were missing, I would hope I could depend on my COUNTRY to CARE and use whatever resources available to assist in returning Americans home! WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER!

We need help from the US government!!!

These are the lives of people who have families and many loved ones. These families must feel so hopeless. Please allow God to use you to help with this amazing effort.

Dan Molina Prepares For Press Conference

I know relatives of Danielle Wright.

Because the government should support families searching for the lost sailors! Ask why our government won't support this rescue at sea!

I want to know that our government is truly interested in our safety and welfare - not just our cell phone history!
kyle is the son of a vary good friend of mine plz help find them

Dedicated Volunteers, TES

7 alive on the Nina need our help to find them.
more Americans being left behind with no regard for their lives!

Because I'm a sailor and I do think it's the State Departments role to stop any private citizen or private group from looking for missing people...under any circumstances.

Crew member Matthew Wootton

These people need our help to return to their families. It is our duty as citizens of the United States (and the world) to help our brothers and sisters. We need our government's help in locating and saving the seven crew members of the Nina.

They are good people, friends of the family and I feel it was irresponsibility in the U.S. and New Zealand governments that has cost this search so much time to begin with. Their sea, our citizens, find them please

Families, Tim Wright, John Glennie, Press Conference

Six American lives are at stake. One, Kyle Jackson, is very important to the people of this area. Doesn't our government help Americans? or is it like Katrina and Benghazi?
It is important to find these people....why would it not be important?


Friends of family

Individuals should ALWAYS be allowed to search for missing people if an overriding reason to desist cannot be shown.

Tomnod Image

My daughter, Danielle Wright, is a crew person on board. Our Country, U.S.A., has let us down by not joining the search and helping New Zealand. New Zealand has 4MM population when USA has 400MM population. There is no excuse for the USA to hold back from helping to search for the 7 missing lives, including 6 Americans.

My kids were in a home school school with Danielle. We want Danielle to be located and brought home.

It is the right thing to do!

Kyle Jackson is my sister's step son. I cant imagine NOT looking for my own child should he be in the same situation...there is still hope!

Wright Family While Sailing In Caribbean

The skipper, David Dyche, is my former brother-in-law. We just wish for closure - to find them if they are still alive or find evidence that the boat sank... Important that we just find out!

One of the crew members (kyle Jackson) is my cousin and we know that kyle is a fighter and survivor. We know that they are all still alive and waiting for us to come get them. We have got to have the support of the US government to find our family members. There are 6 American citizens on that schooner and why can't the government help us find them like they help find other missing American citizens. It is time for our US government to do their jobs and bring back our loved ones.

Dyche Family On Nina

we need to support our military!!!

One of the crew members on the Nina is my nephew. We want him home.

Kyle is from my hometown and a family friend. It's time the U.S. got involved in SAVING 6 U.S. citizens and another very special young man.

I know the family and they need to have their son !!

Kyle is the son of a friend of mine

My son is one of the crew missing.

One of the sailors is a cousin to a friend of mine.


This petition is important to me because the crew of the Nina deserve to live, we just need a few resources from our own government to make this a successful and swift rescue. 100+ days is enough for this group of experienced sailors to be stranded on the high seas. Please work fast through the red tape to find a resolution very soon. Thank you! (And please include Rep. Charles Boustany on this petition...he represents crew member, Danielle Wright, of Lafayette, LA.
A good friend!!

Because these 7 people need to be reunited with their families.

Why not make a donation to the fund to find these brave sailors?

One of the passengers is from our area of LA

I have a friend on that boat. Kyle Jackson is from my town
Because families are hurting.

Watch the 'Life of Pi' and you will understand. Also, I know her uncle and care about anyone he cares about.

A family friend is on the Nina and we would love to have him home!

The crew of the Nina NEED our help! Please!

Robin and Ricky Wright Talk To Reporters, Family Supports

Kyle lives 20 miles and his family has been thru enough. Plz help find the whole crew alive!!!

These people deserved to be searched for and love ones need to find them!

I feel that we should not give up on trying to find them and the government needs to be helping in every way they can!!!! if this was someone from they white house, they wouldn't give up!!!!!!

Family friends nephew is one of the sailors. plus no one should have to stop searching to save their son
Kyle Jackson is my nephew !!!!

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