Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It Was Good News, More Good News and Still More Good News

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The reports were coming in from the teams who have dedicated the last 3 months to finding 7 sailors lost on the historic yacht, the Nina, an American Treasure.  The yacht went missing in the Tasman Sea on June 04, 2013.

The teams are searching for the best method to locate the yacht over thousands of miles of white caps and little else.  Most of the teams are headed by scientists and physicists who speak an elevated language the average Joe might not comprehend. 

To Save A Life,
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Some of the things are so high tech they cannot be mentioned here.  However, when put into place, they could easily change the way search and rescue is performed with a knowing and inventive staff. 

At this moment, the most urgent needs are two fold.  First, as usual, there is an urgent need for funds.  This search will affect all sailors because of the techniques being developed.  Hence, it behooves anyone who knows a sailor to point them to the give button and invite them to support the effort. The next one who needs help with rescue might be them.

Statute Donated By La Familia De La Lastra

The second urgent need is for more people to tune into a site called Tomnod.  On that site they are reviewing satellite images of the Tasman Sea.  As it is, this is a rare occasion for search and rescue.  However, it is clear, an emerging market for satellite services in SAR at sea is developing.  Maybe you can find the Nina and her crew.  If you do, you will be very famous.

There are fundraisers in Louisiana and Nebraska over the weekend.  Final details may be forthcoming if the sponsors get them to us.  That is a hint.  

No matter where you spend your weekend, helping these seven great people on a yacht called Nina is a noble cause.  What a great way to teach young people about civic responsibility.  What a great way to find commonality with mothers and fathers whose children are on the historic yacht.  What a great place to put a small donation of money or of time.

Evi Nemeth, Kyle Jackson, Danielle Wright, Matthew Wootton, David Dyche, Rosemary Dyche and David Dyche IV need your help!

Texas Equusearch


Now is the time for all American and Englishmen to put their differences aside and concentrate on the most natural thing in the world:  Saving the lives of people you love.  Who can't relate to that?

Meanwhile, we wait for the best news of all: RESCUE!

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