Friday, September 6, 2013

Prayers For A Pioneer, We Wish The Best For Tim Miller and His Family


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The first time I met Tim Miller I knew there was something special about him.  This was a man in a lot of pain, yet he came out to greet the press during a critical conference for the seven sailors lost in the Pacific on a yacht called Nina.

Tonight, Tim lies in a hospital bed, after neck surgery.  He is reported to be in a lot of pain.  He has asked visitors and well wishers to not visit and to not call.  Recovery requires dedicated energy and Tim has his share of hurdles to jump.

John Glennie says you have to know adversity in order to become a great person.  John spent 119 days on a trimaran that overturned off of the coast of New Zealand.  John and his three crew lived and slept in a space the size of a twin bed, with a ceiling height of 18 inches.  It got so cold, the person on the outside had to switch positions with an inside person every three hours.  All of the men slept like spoons.  When one turned over they all had to turn over.  John has faced adversity and he has become a great person.

Tim Miller has too.  His ordeal in losing his child to the hand of a fiend changes a person.  Some come out of an experience like that a complete wreck.  After losing a child and then his marriage, Miller realized to be a great person, likely any person, one needs to do good things for others.  It is not enough to do good things for one's self.  Tim has dedicated his life to helping law enforcement find missing people.  He founded an organization called Texas Equusearch.  To date, they have found over 300 people law enforcement and even the military were unable to find.

I sense Tim Miller and the dedicated members of the organization Tim founded know adversity.  From that adversity they have become great shepherds for others forced into an unimaginable ordeal.  Love of one's fellow man and a willingness to serve others is the key to the steps of happiness and fulfillment in my book.  Those who master the skills of true service to others are giants.

Our prayers go out for Tim Miller and his family and friends.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

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