Monday, May 27, 2013

Southern Cross, More Yacht Rescues

Tough times at sea. Every sailor has had his great days, eventually followed by not so great days.  The following are some video stories of yachts whose owners were having tough days.

Yacht safety and the cruising lifestyle is an art.  Sure, there are rules of the road to follow, but once you are out in the wild blue, the rules fade a bit.  Choices must be made, risks taken and eventually the benefits and consequences of the journey earned or paid.

Seven Attempts To Board Southern Cross

Lying Off Of Pitcarin Island

I have wanted to visit Pitcarin Island since I was a little kid. Probably the first thing that attracted me to the Mutiny on the Bounty story was the Rogers and Hammerstein Music.  It surprised my mother, who didn't think I was a fan of classical music.  She was right.  But there is something about the music which embodied all of my dreams of escaping a life that maybe wasn't exactly perfect.  

The Mutiny on the Bounty holds for me, incredible fascination. Few of us realize the brutality used centuries ago as various armies combed the new world looking for riches.  Still, I often wondered what could have compelled Fletcher Christian to give up his wealthy position in society and strike against Captain Bligh and the Crown.

The mission of the Bounty was inherently evil from my thinking.  They were looking for a cheap way to feed slaves.  Breadfruit was seen as nutritional and cheap to grow.  Why should we be surprised a mission of such evil nature was doomed to failure by powers greater than ourselves?

England was especially brutal in the use of the cat-o-nine tails in compelling a reluctant crew to follow orders.    A sailor's life was tough, underpaid, full of risk, a thankless job, but most sailors probably would not have wanted it any other way.  Well, except the crew of the Bounty.

Alas, one day, I hope to venture to the Pacific side to see this lost island for myself. However, I hope I never have to take on a bucking yacht from a dingy like the Southern Cross!  Shucks, a yacht like that is way out of my price range anyway!

You can watch the original movie, which I trimmed Here.

You can listen to the soundtrack Here.



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