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Yes And! Creating the Future, Schooner Nina

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When I got involved in the Nina search I thought maybe I could help.  I do mostly media things and some political things.  How could I know, the shoe would nicely fit on the other foot?

The Nina is a 1928 American treasure with seven people aboard.  They are C.U. Professor Evi Nemeth, Kyle Jackson, Danielle Wright, Matthew Wootton, and the boat's owners, David Dyche, Rosemary Dyche and David Dyche IV.  This wonderful piece of American naval history along with her 7 crew went missing on June 4th, 2013.  Nothing has been seen of the Nina or crew since then.

Rob, a friend of Kyle Jackson's, posted in Kyle's sisters, Megan Jackson's blog page:

YES AND is a mantra for embracing the now and creating the future; for moving deeper into life; for being an active participant; for flowing with what the universe has to show you and reaching out to join it.

YES can be enthusiasm: YES! I want this! I love this! This is perfect.

YES can be acceptance: yes. This is happening. This is now. This is part of everything. This is.

AND can be the next step.  The moving forward.

AND can be adding on, expanding. More. Deeper.

It’s how we move through the world, step by step, first with a YES, and then following it up with AND. Again and again, until we get to where we are, and find ourselves saying again, YES AND.

How could I know, YES!  The universe has a lot to show me, if I am willing, and a lot for me to learn. 

Getting involved in the search for 7 precious lives brought me into contact with many more precious lives.  It has been a phenomenal learning and growing experience for me.  Honestly, when people who are desperately worried about their loved ones allow perfect strangers to participate at this level, you feel very honored they have placed so much confidence in you, and the fear of somehow letting them down is always there.  Some of the people I have never met in person, but it makes little difference.  I still feel like I have new brothers and sisters in my family.  For those I have met in person, I can say, everything in Texas really is bigger, even the hearts of the ones who were only there for a short time.

If you have the chance to volunteer for a search, expect the road to be a little bumpy at times.  You will likely be dealing with many family members at a very difficult time for them, who are dealing with all of the volunteers who wish the best but sometimes don't know what is the best, who are dealing with the officials who mean the best, but sometimes don't know what is the best, along with yourself, who wants the best but does not always know what is the best.  Participating in a search is, in part, a search for our personal, best.  For those who are looking for the YES in the universe, I promise you, your collective efforts will provide some of the most moving memories you will have.  Of course, the sweetest time will come with the AND.


I can see as plain as day when the Nina floats into the gaze of a dazing fisherman, surprised to see 7 lives prancing on deck, the fisherman wiping his eyes with his hands just to be sure the AND is real.  A Salvadorean's journey across the Pacific Ocean, Jose Salvador Alvarenga, has proven 14 months at sea with no provisions is possible.  Nothing has been seen or heard from the missing crew to suggest they are not out there now.  Why shouldn't I believe?  

Yes! And...

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