Thursday, October 30, 2014

Serenity Crew Sam and Sharon Alleyne In Deep Sleep, but Safe

Although the details are sketchy, the 47 foot yacht, Serenity, and her crew of two,  Sam and Sharon Alleyne have been found.  A message has been posted on daughter, Teo Alleyne's face book page:

"A message from my mother who just got home. Thank you once again everyone!
"With Gods Blessing, Sam and I , survived five days, four nights at sea that had us doing almost 600 miles. 
We want to thank all those who have sent their prayers, who organized searches, or helped us in any way. 
Right now we need to rehydrate, (sic) eat some food and get some much needed rest. Will give the whole saga when I can think straight"
Teo Alleyne 

The Bg Unicorn

Sam Alleyne was the captain of the famous 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ship, The Big Unicorn.  Unfortunately, the Big Unicorn sank last May as it was being brought in for repairs.

It is unclear what happened to the Serenity. Arthur Alleyne told his daughter, Teo, they had been "drifting" according to an article published by the BBC.  Captain Alleyne said he and his wife were o.k., but they needed to re-hydrate and get some sleep.  After that, the line went dead.

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