Sunday, March 1, 2015

Single Handed Sailing, What It Is Really Like

What would your life look like if you launched out into the sea, managing long passages alone, with only your knowledge, trust and luck with mother nature to insure your safe return?

What is loneliness? What is self sufficiency?  How do you get a flying halyard lose from twisted lines?  How do you feel when you finally come home?

This video, beautifully made, and with just a tint of humor, gives us all a peak at life as a single handed sailor.

Great story telling. Did I hear you correctly it took 48 days on the return trip? Also excellent syncopation in your Latin kitchen percussion :-)

I think it was 48 days total for the "out" and "back" combined.  20 on the "out", and 28 on the return. 
Accidental Sailor Girl3 months ago

This is fantastic. Very well documented, fun to watch, and I love the fork on the floor and the burnt toast! :) Awesome! My boyfriend Pete and I have sailed our 37' wooden sailboat on an Atlantic circumnavigation. Check out my channel! Cheers!

After watching the video I read the comments! It's seems we all agree this was one of the best sailing videos we've seen. But if I had to describe why .... I would say it's the narrative! We all dream of solo sailing somewhere but underneath it all is a longing to find out something about ourselves. Some of us are afraid that we are as boring and uninteresting as we suspect! We produce overly hyper videos pretending to have an amazing time at sea but somehow we (the YouTube community) can see through that! This video was interesting because YOU seem to be an interesting person. Beautiful family and a quirky but kind spirit! I hope that's correct! But I think that's why we all like it so much! Thank you Mr. Williams. I was quietly entertained! 

Fantastic vid.
Best solo crossing vid I've seen to date!
Nice Ericson also.
I own a few Ericsons myself. I have a E27 that I restored and sailed for the last two years here on the Bay (Chesapeake Bay).. We were supposed to sail to St. Croix USVI last winter but never made it due to poor weather. I sold mirage last week to friends in North Carolina who hope to sail her down to St. John where we had met. I also have My project E32mk2. Complete gut and rebuild now lost in a legal dispute with the marina. Change of management and unwritten agreements not being met and what have you (If I don't get her back and finish her I hope someone does).

Cheers N beers

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