Sunday, April 19, 2015

Brutal Attack in Haiti, Beware Petit Port a Piment

The couple cooperated but 

were still beaten and cut with a machete

The "Little Pepper Port" proves dicey for cruising couple

Country Name: Haiti
Location Detail: Petit Port a Piment
EVENT: Assault
Stolen Items: cash, solar panels,computers,navigation electronics, etc.
SECURED: Unknown
DETAILS: A Dutch couple aboard an Australian flagged boat en route from Cuba to Ile a Vache, a satellite island to Haiti was anchored at Petit Port a Pimient , Haiti and was boarded overnight by 6 armed men. They cooperated with the pirates and offered everything, but they were violently attacked. The captain was tied to the rail on deck and beaten badly, resulting in broken bones and machete wounds. His wife sustained machete injuries also, both were hospitalized. Embassy officials have become involved and are providing assistance.

In 2007, the total population of this commune in Hati was 17.  Presumably, no secrets are held in such small places.  Considering there was more than one assailant, the authorities should be able to get to the bottom of this brutal crime post haste if they want to keep the cruising community spending money in their small cities and towns.  But then, this is Haiti.

Information provided by the Caribbean Safety and Security Net

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  1. The crime of Piracy can only be committed on the high seas and can never be committed in the territorial waters of any nation. Reporting the crime would require about twenty documents and also a transcription fee. You would undoubtedly be reporting the crime to one of the participants.


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