Saturday, October 26, 2013

"All Is Lost" Falls Short To "Hi Ya Mom" and "Bring Crew Home"

Famous actor, Robert Redford is said to have put in a monumental performance in his film, "All Is Lost".  Redford is the only actor who successfully carries the story line of a sailboat sinking, and crew (Redford) taking to a life raft.

As good a performance as Redford puts in, he pales to the performance put in by the real thing.  Several short films have been produced around the missing 1928 schooner, the Nina, and her crew.  Kyle Jackson, Danielle Wright, Matthew Wootton, Evi Nemeth, and the Dyche family, David, Rosemary and David Jr, are crew on an American treasure, the Nina.

The following are two films which most people find riveting.  There is no acting here, it is all very real.

One of the last messages sent by Kyle Jackson to his mother before leaving on the Nina.  Kyle makes a frank admission in the film.

This film is about Danielle Wright, the 19 year old daughter of Ricky and Robin Wright. A loving community came together to support the Wright family. The band Kingdom wrote a song for her.

Enjoy and please support the cause of the 7 sailors stranded on the yacht, the Nina!

On-Line petition: HERE

Search For the Nina Here

Donations can be given HERE

Search Updates:

It is unfortunate the Redford team has not seen a way to support the real life adventure of seven sailors who may be living the Hollywood version of his film. Not to worry, the real life event is full of pure drama, intrigue, scandal and mostly, hope and inspiration!

After sending in an image that appears to be the Nina, the RCC-NZ refuses to search for the missing boat.  They say the image is not clear enough for them.

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