Thursday, October 17, 2013

Petition To Save 7 Sailors Hits 2K Mark

People All Over The World Sign To Save The Nina 7

A petition to save the 7 sailors aboard the 1928 schooner, Nina, hit 2000 signatures yesterday, October 17th, 2013.  Friends and family of the missing sailors are asking the US State Department to take a leadership role in the search for the missing schooner and crew.


You can add your voice to the petition. 

People who don't believe the crew could survive this long in the hostile environment of the Tasman Sea are not informed of the facts.  Only 1 scenario out of 6 scenarios postulated by the Rescue Coordination Center, New Zealand, suggests the yacht sank.  Other scenarios suggest the Nina is disabled and floating in the famous reverse circular currents of the Tasman Sea.

Sailors are taught how to catch rain water to supplement limited provisions.  It is winter in the Tasman Sea so rain will be plentiful.  The Nina also has store aboard her, which will add to longevity.  But the best source for sustenance is the very ocean water upon which the yacht is lost.  The Tasman Sea is rich in marine life which will come in handy as the crew aboard the Nina battle for survival.

The Dyche family renovated the Nina over several years.  Captain David Dyche is a professional ships captain.  From the start of their ordeal, he knows survival is a matter of management of the scarce resources available to him.  It is logical and reasonable to assume Dyche began rationing food and stores as the crew began to set about the business of a possible long-term rescue.

Meanwhile, Texas Equusearch, an all volunteer organization, has been advising the families on effective search strategy.  The families want the United States to support them in various ways.   So far, their petition to the United States Department of State has fallen on deaf ears.  However, there is keen optimism a decision maker, rather than an administrator, will take an interest in the Nina rescue case and listen to what the families have to say.

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