Thursday, March 6, 2014

Have You Seen This Boat?

Many of you have written about your experiences with the historic sailboat, Niña.  It is not surprising people have stories to tell, since the Niña was built in 1928, and started winning races the first year she was launched, including the Fastnet race which years later would claim the lives of valiant sailors.  As a consolation for the 1978 tragedy, that Fastnet race was the beginning of better life support equipment, including life raft stowage and supreme construction.  Those changes may be what has given the Niña 7 the best crack at survival.

We believe the Niña is in this picture from
the David Dyche facebook page.  We are looking for a better
picture from the top down.

We are searching for a photograph from the top down to the decks.  Despite the thousands of photographs of the Niña, I have not seen a single top down pic.  Someone somewhere must have one.

Please forward to us if you have one or have seen one.  The search for the Niña continues.  It would be helpful to have a top-down profile for our satellite search which is in process.

You can send those to, please mark in the header Niña because I get a million emails a day!~

How can a crew survive this much time floating around in the currents of the Tasman Sea?  It is hard, but possible.  There is a lot of rainwater.  Turtle blood doubles as hydration in a pinch.  You can also drink your own recycled water, at least for awhile.  Fish are plentiful.  All it takes is an adventurous spirit.  The Niña crew has that in spades!

Personally, speaking for myself only, and no one else, if the Niña is still afloat, her crew is in the hands of the public.  Great effort has been spent in encouraging officials to do what they are charged to do.  The only voice left is your voice.  We encourage you to use it HERE.  You can also vote with a buck, as the private search to do the job the professionals should have done is costing an absolute mint.  The staff at Sailing Savoir Faire hopes an even better method for reaching out to people in charge will soon come into play.  Each of you has a lot to do with that.

The Niña story from the start: S E A R C H

More Information:  N I N A 7

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