Monday, July 21, 2014

Texas Equusearch Weighs In On Nina Search Report

The multi-state search and rescue organization, Texas Equusearch, (TES) weighed in on the Rescue Coordination Center, New Zealand's, (RCC-NZ) official "independent review" of the search for the SV Nina. Sources indicate TES representatives were dismayed with the report in general, and specifically with references suggesting TES had different objectives than the original search. The report suggests TES was interested in a recovery operation for bodies, rather than a search for living beings.

Ralph Baird from Texas Equusearch indicated the only TES objective was finding the seven sailors alive during a group phone call. Included in the search effort were Ricky and Robin Wright, parents of crew member Danielle Wright, and Ian and Sue Wootton, parents of crew member Matthew Wootton.  

The families raised over $600,000 for a private search after the RCC-NZ suspended it's official search.  The bulk of the funds were spent in New Zealand and Australia on search aircraft.

TES issued this paragraph along with the response to the report which we printed in a prior post: 

"The search for the missing schooner Nina by the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) fell short and was poorly managed according to the Families of the seven (7) missing crew, including six (6) Americans and one Brit," the release states.
"The Families do not agree with and have responded in writing to the so-called ‘independent’ review of the efforts by the RCCNZ to search for the 70 foot historic schooner Nina. The text of the Families’ summary letter delivered to Mr. Keith Manch, the Director of Maritime New Zealand follows," representatives say in the release.

A celebration of life will be held this Weekend in England for crew member Matthew Wootton.  Similar celebrations were held for the David, Rosemary and David Dyche, IV, for Danielle Wright, Kyle Jackson and for Evi Nemeth, earlier this year.

More information can be found HERE.

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