Friday, June 21, 2013

Grain De Soeil Moussette Creates Fund For Troubled Sailors


"In using our energy through the long term, we refuse to remain passive in the face of tragedy. We will not let the sadness and helplessness take over despite the expectation that never ends." 

On April 24th, a faint Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beam was picked up by Portuguese authorities. The signal belonged to a french crew in the yacht Grain de Soleil. The three man crew was facing heavy weather and presumed to be either under a jury rig or retired to their liferaft.

When the Portuguese government suspended the search operation friends of the crewmembers elected to raise their own funds and continue the search. $65,000 Euros, about $85,000 U.S. A month later, the French crew remains unfound.

Missing are Guillaume Moussette, Etienne Esteulle and Franck Cousin.

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