Friday, June 28, 2013

Super Suave Charms People Everywhere They Go!

The musical group, Super Suave, charms fans everywhere they go.  This is a Latin Cumbia band which often picks up on American classics and puts their own spin on the music.  One of those is the 1964 classic, Hang on Sloopy! by the McCoys.  Super Suave added their touch, and changed the lyrics to Hey Lupe!  Lupe or Lupita, is a common name in the Latino community.  Other bands have changed the lyrics to hang on Snoopy!

Because the band often plays pop music known well to all Americans, they hit a popular note with both English and Spanish audiences.  Recently, the band has been on sabbatical as they write and record their next album.  In addition, a documentary is being prepared by Sin Fronteras Productions about how someone can come to America with almost nothing and turn it into a big success!

Here, the band plays the McCoys music.

We hope you enjoy El Grupo Super Suave. If you get a chance to hear them, they will bring a tear your eye, if you are my age, and joy to all hearts of all ages!

Esteben Trejo

 Adrian PĂ©rez

Juan Cruz  Bass Guitar

Alejandro Lejarazo Lead Singer

We are sure you will enjoy rockin the night away with this Cumbia band!


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