Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Best Wishes For Lady Domina

Today, we have no news to share about the missing yacht, the Lady Domina. Instead we thought we would express our best wishes to the families of the missing Sailors. Please take a moment to leave a comment below and tell the families how you feel.

It is always easy to see how each of us differs. When it comes to sailors, it is easy to see what we have in common. There is something in the human spirit that seeks a common adventure, the chance to experience nature, a desire to taste the love of life, the sense of sharing a common risk, and when tragedy strikes, the camaraderie that occurs as the community rises together to find a solution.

The Lady Domina is a 75 foot motorsailor.  She departed St. Martin on March 31st, 2013.  She cleared out of Puerto Rico on April 4, 2013.  A fellow sailor overheard one half of a conversation with the yacht on May 3rd, 2013.  It was the Puerto Rican Coast Guard talking to the Lady Domina about weather.  No one has seen or heard from the yacht since then.

As I have been writing about this story one of the rewards has been the outpouring of love and support for the families. As I have been writing about the developments of the search, the ups and downs, the strategy of keeping the story front and center in the minds of the cruising community, I have failed in one large sense.  I failed to tell the families how many people have expressed their love and support for the missing sailors.

The support came from many places.  Many people who know the sailors expressed their support. Many people who never met these sailors expressed similar sentiments. What a gift we find in the midst of an emergency. The cruisers forum has over 33,000 hits on this single thread, in the face of the average thread that gets maybe 1000.

Tore Christiansen has been a real trooper, along with the support and advice of all of the people on the Cruisers Forum. We thank each of you for your great suggestions and more, we thank each of you for the motives that lie behind those suggestions.  We thank you for the common love and respect for our fellow man, even if he is not a person you know first hand.

To the cruising community, we ask each of you to keep your eyes peeled on the horizon, to be watching in every port.  One day soon, we are sure, the Lady Domina and her crew will appear.  We also ask for photos of the Lady Domina and her crew if you have them.  If you have a story or an anecdote you can tell about them we would love to hear about it.  Please send them to us HERE.

We pray the sailors not lose faith in themselves and they continue in their efforts for a safe and speedy return.   

Norwegian Anders Mosteid 

(27) Stian Abrahamsen (29) skipper and owner

 of the boat, √ėyvind Slettvold (59), Dane Brian 

Fritzner (46) and English Katie Lee (34). 

To the families, we express our heart felt loss, our support for the ordeal each family member suffers, and our common sense that through continued hope and diligence and by powers far greater than ourselves, these young people will be home with their families soon.


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