Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gregorio Uribe and Big Band Latino Knocks 'Em Dead With Caribe Contigo

Colombian Musician Kicking Tail With Caribe Tunes

Gregorio Uribe

Gregorio Uribe is a musical genius who blends various Latino rhythms with a big band sound.  Uribe draws from his youth when he visited many different native centers in South and Central America.  He often performed live in the street and on the beach.  He learned about the heart of the music which drives different cultures.

 Uribe came to the U.S. to study at a school for musical artists in Boston, the Berklee College of Music.  Uribe graduated Suma Cum Laude, and fell in love with mixing jazz into some of the complicated native melodies.  Shortly thereafter, Uribe formed the Gregorio Uribe's Big Band Latino.

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A few years ago Uribe wrote a hit single, Caribe Contigo, in which he speaks about the simple life in the Caribbean.  Nothing was simple about making Caribe Contigo.  Uribe assembled some of New York's best musicians to bring his vision to reality.  One of the first problems the band faced was finding a studio space large enough for the entire band to play at the same time.  Uribe felt the traditional method of recording each musician independently and then combining the tracks would result in a loss of quality.

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Uribe tours in both his native country of Colombia and the U.S.  He frequently plays at the fashionable Zinc Bar in the Big Apple.  He has also been featured at the legendary Iridium Night club.

When Uribe is not working on music or playing for people, he is giving his time to those who maybe won't otherwise get a chance to know music.  Uribe helps the Alma foundation which brings music to underprivileged children.


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