Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rocking Rock Rock Steve Miller Band At Americas Cup

Maybe the Blues are the secret to the heart!  What could be better than the Steve Miller Band? How about the Steve Miller Band and the Doobie Brothers together! They performed live at the Americas cup pavilion on piers 27/29 on Friday, June 21st, 2013!

"Sailing on San Francisco Bay - and learning to sail in general - is easier and less expensive than you think. If you've found yourself gazing with envy at colorful spinnakers on our picturesque Bay, we hope you do yourself a favor and get out on the water now." says SailSFBay.

SailSFBay Youth Outreach Program was the recipient of the half buck per ticket charity fund-raiser. Miller, who moved to San Francisco 45 years ago, was able to return a little bit to the community which helped launch his career.

SailSFBay is an association of organizations and individuals dedicated to passing along the art and enthusiasm of the magic of sail.

The next show is scheduled for July 18th.  Counting Crows and the Wildflowers will be featured.  Based upon the full house screaming and singing to the Doobie Brothers and the Steve Miller Band, you might want to get your tickets darn soon!

The news just keeps getting better.  On Saturday, October 12th, 2013, the Avett Brothers will play at the America's Cup Pavilion.  Special guest stars will include the velvet voice of Nicholas David.

Lean on me, Brother!

Tickets go on sale Friday, June 28th!

Anyone who has been on a sailboat as she skims the water, dead to the noise of an engine, with only the power of the wind and the force of higher powers to whisk their craft along, can talk about the thrill of sailing.  But the magic of wind and sail are so grand, you have to live a trip over water to really understand.  SailSFBay can help you find a way into the sailing life.  There must be a 1000 reasons to learn how to sail.  Here are 48!  Be sure to look them up at your earliest convenience.

Sailing is the most fun you can have luffing wind!

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