Thursday, June 13, 2013

When a boat breaks from her mooring all hell can break loose.  It is not a fun place to be!  Unfortunately, this wayward yacht reminds me of my own adventures.  At least, on the better side, the yacht seems to be unoccupied.  Yachts can be replaced, sailors come one of a kind.

In my case, the Sea Ranch Marina, South Padre Island, Texas, insisted on having the right to move my boat.  When a hurricane came up, Hurricane Dolly, they didn't bother to tie her down well.  In the middle of the storm CNN did a live broadcast from South Padre Island.  It appears, a sailboat broke loose and was careening across the harbor.

My boat wan anchored along the dock jutting out

The damage to my boat was over $40,000.00.  It was the first year I dropped the insurance on the boat.  Now she sits, waiting for her owner to find the funds to repair her.  Does not look very probable, considering difficult times.  Dreams can be lost so easily.

Capt. Murphy Hacks La Vida Nueva Free

A maritime lawyer told me there was not much I could do about seeking compensation from Sea Ranch Marina on South Padre Island.  I was the captain and the Marina has little liability for damage!  My lesson, be careful who you trust with your life's savings.  It isn't their life's savings.  They have little to lose, while the owner has everything to lose!

La Vida Nueva falls off into the mist

Sailboats are a lifetime investment for many.  The time to own a boat is while you have time to sail it.  When it is time to get off of the boat, sell the boat!  You can't watch a boat while you are away, and no one is going to watch her for you!  Maybe better said, it is hard to find someone to care for your things like you do!

How much does a sailboat cost?  "You have no right, or business owning a yacht if you ask that question!"

Some of us learn slowly.

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