Friday, August 23, 2013

A Community United


Tonight, people from across the US and even New Zealand came together in support of the Nina 7, the seven people stranded on a sailboat in the Tasman Sea since June 4th, 2013. They have little else on their side. Tonight, there is hope because a community united joined hands and hearts in an effort to continue the search forced upon them by fate and by those who fail in their vision.

Shelley Rogers, Darlene Marullo, Ricky and Robin Wright and representatives of the seven families pulled together with Texas Equusearch to hold a fund raiser. The evening started with an inspiring speech by Executive Search Coordinator Ralph Baird who spoke about the problems the search encountered in gaining government cooperation. Equusearch, a non-profit search organization, usually works in tandem with law enforcement and the military. 

Baird said the people in New Zealand believe the crew of the Nina is alive. He took a poll of the relatives working on the case and they said they believed the crew is alive.

Baird said the people who don't believe the Nina 7 are alive are representatives in the U.S. State Department. Instead of assisting Equusearch in it's efforts, the State Department has blocked search efforts. Baird asked every one in the room to take out their phones and call the State Department. He asked them to support the Nina 7.

The telephone number is 202.642.4000, push #4, then ask for John Kerry's comment phone line. Please leave a message!

Is the price of a phone call too much to ask?

The group was also inspired by a fascinating story from John Glennie, who survived 119 days at sea off of the coast of New Zealand. His trimaran, the Rose Noelle, capsized when hit by a towering wall of water. The crew was trapped inside the capsized boat for over a day, until they hacked their way through the bottom of the capsized boat. For the next four months the crew lived in a space the size of a bed with only 18 inches of headroom.

Glennie said we should be proud of the brave sailors who are on the Nina. They had the courage to live their dream. 

More, though, Glennie said great people come from surviving a life challenge. The Nina 7 are giants tasked with creating their own miracle. They are up to the task.

Laszlow Nemeth said he did not know what to add to the event except a heart felt thank you. Sue Wootton thanked the people who had come in support of the seven sailors. Robin Wright said for the first time since the yacht went missing she had been able to relax, just a little.

Following the speeches came an auction for the things businesses had donated. A generous community insured the Nina search will continue for at least one more day. It is the public, though, who will likely have the final vote. If they don't support the search, if they won't make the phone calls to encourage government participation, well, we don't want to go there. Please help the Nina 7.

On June 4th, 2013, Matthew Wootton, Evi Nemeth, Kyle Jackson, David Dyche, Rosemary Dyche, David Dyche IV and Danielle Wright sent their last call via cell satellite telephone. They had blown out their sails and riding under bare poles, a yachting term to mean running with the wind and without sails.  A rescue effort was launched by the RCC-NZ 20 days later.  When the rescue effort ceased on July 5th, 2013, Ricky Wright contacted Texas Equusearch. The non-profit Texas company has found people when law enforcement has given up. The new search coordinator has tasked satellites and brought high tech to SAR at sea.

All articles and blogs like this one are part of the web we cast to bring awareness to EVXX.COM and the Nina 7.

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