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Possible New Location Of Nina Pg 30

Page 1  Search Suspended
Page 2  The Story
Page 3  About the Nina
Page 4  Dyche Family
Page 5  Evi Nemeth

An early false lead

Page 6  Matt Wootton
Page 7  Kyle Jackson
Page 8  Danielle Wright
Page 9 RCCNZ
Page 10  To the Families
Page 11  What Went Wrong?
Page 12  Last Message From Nina Crew
Page 13  Family of Nina Crew Appeal For Search Funds
Page 14  Family Anxious For Search To Begin
Page 15  RCCNZ Less Than Cooperative in New Nina Search
Page 16  Third Day of Search, Funding Needed

Page 17  New Zealand Responds
Page 18  Equusearch Seeks Satellite Specialist
Page 19  A New Era Of Cooperation
Page 20  Wild Speculation No Help
Page 21  Sailboat Washes Up On Beach
Page 22  Nina Fund
Page 23  Nina Makes Prime Time
Page 24  Kyle Jackson, Hiya Mom!
Page 25  U.S. Coast Guard Endangers Lives of Nina 7
PAGE 26, Equusearch and Nina Families Ask For Your Help
Page 27 Apathy From US Officials
Page 28 Families Seek More Funding
Page 29 Standing Up To Uncle Sam

Page 30  Reason To Hope
Page 31, Breaking News Delayed, TES Profile
Page 32  Positives Despite The Negatives
Page 33  Positive Despite The Negatives
Page 34  Tomnod Saves Lives
Page 35  Holding
Page 36  Tasman Takes Two

Page 37  91 Days Lost At Sea
Page 38  Your Calls Needed

Where or where did the yacht Nina go? 

Authorities say the yacht sank shortly after a June 4th communication.

Most yachts that sink barf up flotsam, a naval term for float able objects. Those include life vests, mooring balls stored for the trip, sponges, parts of the hull with extra buoyancy, and a variety of other things you find on a boat. In the case of the Nina, nothing was found. Does that mean she did not sink?  
Not necessarily.  However, it provides no proof for a sinking when most yachts reveal some signs.  

That is why when a team of experts identified a possible new location for the yacht, the news was important.

For the last several weeks, Equusearch, which helps locate missing people, has been meeting daily with it's experts.  The team is working on deployment of a variety of high tech measures.  It was in that process the team identified the potential new search area.

P- 3 Orion Used For Search And Rescue (US Navy)

Equusearch was called in as a consultant to the families after authorities suspended their search on July 5th, 2013.  The Nina reported her position on June 4th, 2013.  The report came hours after the passage of a storm some authorities say sank the yacht.  Since the report came after the storm, the yacht was obviously afloat.

"So what we're asking for deliberately is for our Government to give us more cooperation, let us do what we do best and not restrict us arbitrarily," Baird said to News talk ZB in New Zealand.

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