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Nina, Nemeth, Dyche Family, Page 4


David Dyche III

Dyche is an experienced mariner with commercial tickets.  Dyche, his wife and his son were living the dream so many sailors seek, by cruising full time.  All three were accomplished sailors, having extensive miles in their log-books and a 'round the world' adventure.

Rosemary A. Dyche

Rosemary Dyche (Facebook)

Rosemary A. Dyche appears as devoted to the Nina as her husband, David.  Rosemary authored the families cruiser page on the internet site, Sailblogs.  After writing about the family, Rosemary continued with a description of the "rest of the come and go crew":

"The friends and family that make up the rest of our come and go crew are a treasure of friendship that has become international. We have enjoyed making them and those to come part of our family."

Nina at Dusk

David N. Dyche IV

Not a lot is in the public realm about David Dyche IV.

His parents said, "Dave is leaving and going to college in the states in July."

"This is our last trip together crossing the Tasman Sea" Dyche wrote. 
You bring your child in the world and show them all the cute and wonderful things children love. Then they grow up and you show them what the real world is all about. Then they walk out in to it. 
I was not prepare (sic) for the birth and the wonderful moment it brought and I am not prepared for seeing him leave. But I do have an inner peace that says, all is well."

David Dyche IV

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