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Danielle Wright

Danielle is "on a trip of a lifetime," according to her father, Ricky Wright of Louisiana.  Even at the tender age of 18, Danielle is an accomplished sailor, after spending time on her father's catamaran.  

The Nina, Lattitude 38 Photo


Like many sailing families, the Wright family took a sabbatical to live the sailing life on their 38 foot boat. During a prior time, Danielle, her mother Robin and father Ricky lived on a boat for over a 14 month period. They toured from Granada to Panama and then to Florida, according to father Ricky Wright's resume

Danielle is a bright youth who studied psychology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  She also studied at South Louisiana Community College.

Danielle Wright (From Robin Wright)

Danielle's father has maintained a positive outlook about the over-due yacht, the Nina. 

"Her mama and I have faith in God, and we are believing that everything is well according to normal sailing patterns,” Wright was quoted in an Associated Press article reprinted in the Advertiser.com.

Wright continues:   

“They have found nothing,” Ricky Wright said. “My conclusion, even before I knew that, is that they are on their way to Australia. Because of the current and the winds and the storm, they need almost 40 days to get there. In sailing, you have to tack and go off the wind and fight the current. You can’t do your normal course and normal speed. I’m 99 percent confident that they are on track and going to Australia.”

One can see a little bit of Danielle's playful personality from entries she made on her face book page.

"A complete stranger wrote me a poem." Danielle said on her face book page.  "He then said "Hold your head high, darling *traces a small heart on your cheek and kisses it*" So I did this." (Sic)

Danielle's note appears next to the following photograph depicting a heart on her cheek:

Danielle has a clear eye for art and photography as is evident by several striking photos she exhibits on her face book page. Some of them deal with the beauty of nature, while others delve into the soul.

Danielle is an expert diver.

"She's like a fish in the water," her father said.  "Danielle is a trained diver"

Danielle was accepted as crew on the Nina after her family and the Dyche family became friends through their mutual interest in sailing.  Dyche spent years restoring the 1928 Nina which won multiple races since, including a few races with the Dyche family at the helm.  The crew is mostly made up of experienced sailors who know how to manage emergencies at sea.  Others, like Kyle Jackson, are rugged outdoors enthusiasts  in excellent shape and ready to take the world by the horns.

From Wooden Boat

"(Danielle) knows how to sail and work the rigging. She's a good first mate. She's always been my first mate when we've gone on sailing vacations," Ricky was reported to have said to 3 KATC.com.

     Ricky Wright says there is a saying in the Dyche family:  "The Nina always comes back to port."

     With the official search suspended by the New Zealand search team, the best favor well wishers can do is keep the story fresh in the press.  Some of the best sea adventures of all time have been told by survivors of injured ships and sailors who took to a life raft.  Many surface long after the search ended.  Some tell about ships and even sailboats which cruise by, not realizing the sailors were within yards, waiting for assistance, if only people had been on the lookout. 

Wright quoted, "Ricky Wright of Lafayette, Louisiana, has told a KATC news website that the yacht which his daughter Danielle is aboard is likely to be in an area away from where New Zealand's Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCCNZ) has been looking."

 The families are exploring the possibility of a private search since RCCNZ called off the official search.  The families of the Grain de Soleil conducted their own private search for that yacht after it's Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) was triggered manually four times during a heavy storm in late April, 2013.

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