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Kyle Jackson

Every single person on board the Nina was a superstar in their own right.  Some of the sailors on the lost yacht had achieved great fame in their lives before the trip.  For others, it is only a matter of time before fame and fortune will bestow upon them the riches of the world.  One is incredibly enriched when one has learned the gift of returning what one has gained in their lives to a younger generation.  While Kyle Jackson was not well known, he was, in this regard, a very blessed person.  Kyle loved giving back to little children, his sister says.

Kyle Jackson in Thailand (Megan Jackson)

     The traditional image of a rancher is a person who is rough and tumble.  Kyle has plenty of the rough and tumble in him.  Kyle is, like Matthew Wootton, a consummate adventurer.  When he is not seeing a new part of the world for himself, he is communing with nature in the Nebraska out-doors.  

     Kyle is no stranger to political causes.  After graduating, he served as a congressional Paige for Senator Ben Nelson.

     Kyle D. Jackson was talking to his sister about being accepted as crew for the Nina.  It was a difficult moment, no doubt, because his sister had some tough news for Kyle.  Their grandfather had passed. 

During the next several days, there were lots of conversations about how Kyle was going to come home for the funeral and leave on the Nina at the same time.  In the end, it was decided Kyle would take the Nina trip and come home shortly afterwards.

Kyle traveled to New Zealand in March of 2013 shortly before his birthday says his sister, Megan Jackson . He was traveling to visit Weston.   Weston is a friend of Kyle's and a nephew of sailor Evi Nemeth.  

"He's always had to see what's over the next hill," said his father, Duane Jackson. "This was just another adventure for him. He's been all over the world at 27."

Kyle and Erin (from Megan Jackson)

After graduating from Rock County High School, Jackson started running triathlons.  He was working for his father on a huge ranch near Long Pine, Nebraska.  According to his father, the work week ended on a Thursday.  After work, Jackson went camping until it was time to show up for work again on Monday.

Kyle Jackson (From Megan Jackson)


Kyle had been talking about crewing on a boat heading for Fiji according to the Norfolk Daily News.  However, when David Dyche offered him a job as a deck hand on the Nina he took it.  

Jackson was scheduled to return to Nebraska to visit his grandmother on July 15th, 2013 since he was unable to attend the funeral.  He planned to take his grandmother to visit the California Redwoods after he helped clean out the basement.  However, young Jackson was doing something his grandfather always wanted to do, visit Australia. 

Kyle on the quad, (Megan Jackson)

Having grown up in Bassett, Nebraska, Kyle didn't have an opportunity to learn much about sailing.  Still, the opportunity presented itself when Evi Nemeth took Kyle and Weston sailing on her boat, the Wonderland.  


The Jackson Family

     Kyle comes from a close and supportive family who have been exhausted by their worry for Kyle's well being.  The Jackson family, along with a supportive Nebraska community, holds frequent prayer vigils for a young person who loved children and who has learned to live life as an adventure.

     "Family is hopeful and strong," writes sister Megan in her journal.  "We have our bad days w/despair, but a very beautiful thing has happened.  Each of us are getting through this and finding our strength and hopefulness, embracing Kyle's spirit, living a moment with joy, laughter, adventure.  If it feels bad, we go outside and find something lovely, or we dance, or we drink too much whisky or we read poetry, just something Kyle would do."

     As I said, every one of the sailors aboard the Nina is a superstar in their own right.  Clearly, they have some superstar families, too. 


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