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Dyche and Friends Galapagos

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Page 13  Family of Nina Crew Appeal For Search Funds
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Page 16  Third Day of Search, Funding Needed

Page 17  New Zealand Responds
Page 18  Equusearch Seeks Satellite Specialist
Page 19  A New Era Of Cooperation
Page 20  Wild Speculation No Help
Page 21  Sailboat Washes Up On Beach
Page 22  Nina Fund
Page 23  Nina Makes Prime Time
Page 24  Kyle Jackson, Hiya Mom!

Page 25  U.S. Coast Guard Endangers Lives of Nina 7
Page 26  Equusearch, Nina Families, Ask For Help
Page 27  Apathy From US Officials
Page 28  Families Seek More Funding
Page 29  Standing Up To Uncle Sam
Page 30  Possible New Location of Nina
Page 31  Rescue After 76 Days At Sea
Page 32  Breaking News Delayed
Page 33  Positive Despite The Negatives
Page 34  Tomnod Saves Lives
Page 35  Holding
Page 36  Tasman Takes Two
Page 37  91 Days Lost At Sea
Page 38  Your Calls Needed

Evi Nemeth  Pg 5

     Evi Nemeth is a seasoned sailor who dreamed of retiring onto her own sailboat.  That is exactly what she did 10 years ago after working as a computer scientist at the University of Colorado.  Nemeth met the Dyche family while her yacht was moored in Opua, New Zealand.  According to her son, Laszlo Nemeth, Evi enjoyed spending time with the Dyche family and she loved the Nina.

Professor Evi Nemeth

"Nina is a very cool old boat and Evi is never one to let a chance to sail on a cool boat get past her," the Boulder Daily Camera reports Lazlow writing.

     Evi Nemeth became famous as the "grandmother of linux", a computer operating system.  She is the author of the Unix System Information Handbook and the Linux Information Handbook.

     Laszlo Nemeth puts his confidence in his mother and in the yacht, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

But it's "my mother" and "the boat itself," Nemeth wrote, that gives him the greatest hope Nina and its crew weathered the storm and are still floating around out there somewhere.

Rescuers were reviewing their decision to call off the search after receipt of the lost text message.

Evi Nemeth was born in 1940.  She earned her PhD in mathematics in 1971.  Later, in 1980, she started down her path of computer science.  By then Nemeth had earned her reputation as a mathematician by finding problems with the Diffe-Hellman Problem which is used in cryptology.

Professor Evi Nemeth, Boulder Daily Camera Photo

Evi wrote the Unix System Administration Handbook.  She revised it in 1995 and again in the year 2000.  She also wrote and published the Unix and Linux Administration Handbook.  Evi wrote a lot ob books on computer science.  These books explain the basic concepts of network topology and administration.  Professor Nemeth believed in simplifying the language used in the I.T. industry.  Until Nemeth's approach, that language often left a blank look in student's faces.

SV Wonderland, Evi's Yacht

Professor Nemeth also worked with the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis also known as CAIDA.  The association measures Internet traffic.  Evi Nemeth organized the Internet Engineering Curriculum (IEC).  Professor Nemeth worked with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, to set up academic scholarships in the computing industry.  

the Pride of Baltimore from SV Wonderland

Professor Nemeth has owned her own sailboats for the last 40 years.  Her long spoken passion was to go extended cruising after she retired, a feat she accomplished 10 years ago.  She has made many friends as evidenced by the multiple times other sailors have mentioned her in their blogs.  She seemed to be nick named "our sailing grandmother".

Says Ruth of the SV Kamaya, "We're not alone in the middle of nowhere. There are four boats total: Wonderland, Tyee, Coee and us. Evi our sailing grandmother on Wonderland is here on her way to Tonga. She has a full boat with five on board, a few who got seasick along the way."

Likewise, the erudite professor lived forever within Evi.  She sent this correction to a cruising guide about Venezuela.

"I have an update for you on Venezuela. 
Page 269, top right corner: photo references are to incorrect pages. 
Palmeras sunset is page 270 not 256 as printed. Red footed booby is page 271, not 257. 
Evi , S/V Wonderland, Los Roques, VE. 

Thanks for the correction, Chris"

When news spread of the missing yacht, Nina, former students and colleagues began making frantic inquiries and expressing their best wishes for the family members.  The world of computing can be a dry environment but people like Evi Nemeth helped spark the interest of many young minds.

"I handled lines for "Whoosh" through the Panama Canal alongside Evi's boat "Wonderland" in early 2010 and became good friends as we met often crossing the Pacific and in New Zealand. She is a remarkable lady, a cheerful and adventurous spirit who sails her boat occasionally solo, but usually with a crew of friends and/or nieces. Hoping for the best.

Donations For Nina Fund 

Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
P.O. Box 395

DickinsonTexas 77539

Office: (281) 309-9500

Fax: (281) 534-6719

Toll Free: (877) 270-9500

Or, mail checks directly to:
Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
c/o Amegy Bank
215 FM 517 Road West

DickinsonTX 77539

Attention: Ms. Alicia White

(281) 337-9390


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