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Tasman Takes Two Page 36

Page 1  Search Suspended
Page 2  The Boat
Page 3  About the Nina
Sailors aboard the Rose Noelle
survived 118 days at sea
after the sailboat capsized
Page 4  Dyche Family
Page 5  Evi Nemeth
Page 6  Matt Wootton
]Page 7  Kyle Jackson
Page 8  Danielle Wright
Page 9 RCCNZ
Page 10  To the Families
Page 11  What Went Wrong?
Page 12  Last Message From Nina Crew
Page 13  Family of Nina Crew Appeal For Search Funds
Page 14  Family Anxious For Search To Begin
Page 15  RCCNZ Less Than Cooperative in New Nina Search
Page 16  Third Day of Search, Funding Needed
Page 17  New Zealand Responds
Page 18  Equusearch Seeks Satellite Specialist
Page 19  A New Era Of Cooperation
Page 20  Wild Speculation No Help
PAGE 21, Sailboat Washes Up On Beach After Crossing Tasman
Page 23  Nina Makes Prime Time
Page 24  Kyle Jackson, Hiya Mom!
Page 25  U.S. Coast Guard Endangers Lives of Nina 7
Page 26  Equusearch, Nina Families, Ask For Help
Page 27  Apathy From US Officials
Page 28  Families Seek More Funding
Page 29  Standing Up To Uncle Sam
Page 30  Possible New Location of Nina
Page 31  Reason For Hope Rescue After 76 Days At Sea
Page 32  Breaking News Delayed
Page 33  Positive Despite The Negatives
Page 34  Tomnod Saves Lives!
Page 35  Holding
Page 36  Tasman Takes Two
Page 37  91 Days Lost At Sea
Page 38  Your Calls Needed

Two Australian Fisherman Lost At Sea

The Tasman Sea may have taken two more victims June 5th, 2013.  Richard Choi and Damion Diamond went missing after the skiff they were riding in was forced to weather a tough winter storm.

New South Wales  DJ, Richard Choi

Australian National Wildlife officers found two life jackets, a fuel tank and other personal items belonging to the men at the north end of Stockton Beach in Port Stephens, New South Wales. The two had taken off in their 15 foot runabout to go fishing.

Shore Search

Volunteers took to ATV's to search the coast for items that may have belonged to the missing fishermen. Officials say the two men ignored warnings about rough conditions.


The two men sent frantic text messages asking for help after they ran out of fuel.  The items found washed up on a beach 40 miles North of their last known position.  Prior to leaving, the men are believed to have knocked on the door of the local marine patrol asking if they could borrow a fishing rod.  They were warned not go out into the sea.  

Items Washed Up On Beach

On June 4th, 2013, Evi Nemeth, on the schooner, Nina, gave the last known report for that craft.  Unlike the case reported on this page, nothing has been found of the Nina or her seven sailors.  Many of the family members believe the Nina is still afloat and the crew waiting for rescue.

Local Fisherman Missing

Rescue authorities state the search for the missing sailors is a recovery mission.  They state the boat turned over because life jackets and a fuel tank were found floating.  The time for a person who is swimming to survive in the cold Tasman Sea has passed.  We believe all people have a basic right to be presumed living until it is proven otherwise.  We think the worst thing you can rob from someone is their hope.  We ask all sailors who are in the Tasman Sea to keep an eye out for this boat as well as the Nina, which disappeared at about the same time.



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