Monday, August 26, 2013

Cruisers Forum Docks Sailing Savoir Fair


I posted the press release for the news conference to bring home the sailors on the yacht Nina onto the Cruiser's Forum.  Because it mentioned fundraising somewhere in the release, one sentence in a thousand, and because it is supported by Equusearch, they docked me two out of three points towards a lifetime ban.

I would probably have a pretty big resentment towards a bunch of bureaucrats who ban people for posting press releases except for one thing: If you are going to harbor grudges, you need to have a pretty good memory.  I don't have much of a memory so, I forget about the grudge pretty much after I make it.  

Rats, it is hell getting up every day trying remember who you are supposed to be mad at!

In the old days, I used to hang around that web page because there is a lot of good information to be had.  I guess, I probably didn't realize how much good information had been banned by those guys.

Well, what the hey.  Presumably, if I never post there again, they can't ban me.  I still have one point left (they call it strikes).  Some people's cup is 2/3 empty and other's people's cup is 1/3 full.  I guess it is all in how you look at things!

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