Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Post Removed


I had a post about a marine animal which is often hunted and abused.  It was intended to be outside of this blog.  When I discovered it wasn't, I removed it.  Sorry if I offended anyone.

One of the most challenging routes in the State of Colorado, Webster Pass

It is important for me to remember what the ocean is all about.  In Colorado, we have spectacular mountains.  Many people don't respect them.  For example, we have horrible erosion from thoughtless four wheel drive operators who can't get up the slope on one trail, so they create a second trail.  After time, the fragile mountain tundra which took thousands of years to grow is destroyed by multiple trails. In it's place we have four wheel drive tracks all over the mountainside with nothing to hold the dirt.

The ocean is often abused, as well.  Sea creatures which may not like us entering their habitat can be a challenge.  Protecting the ocean, the mountains and all things which are gifts to mankind is a little bit about what I stand for.  At the same time, access is important for all people, not just the young and robust.  Point of view.

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