Sunday, August 18, 2013

Breaking Excitement In The Search Camp, Nina Life Raft Search


An object found in the Nina Search

"Any news yet?" asked one person in the email thread being spread excitedly through the network of volunteers at the Equusearch effort trying to find the Niña, a 1928 schooner lost in the Tasman Sea off the coast of New Zealand.

Behind the scene is help from surprising places, many of which had refused to help before.  Everyone is grateful for the second effort.

Aircraft observers

Ralph Baird, Executive Advisor to Equusearch, (TES) has assembled an army of the brightest minds in the country.  Some are NASA scientists working as private citizen volunteers.  Others hail from a variety of experience.  All assembled to help seven people find their way home.

Today, search aircraft lifted off, not just to search, but to check out an interesting object found on the Tomnod site.  Tomnod, partly through the influence of TES, obtained satellite photographs of the search area.  The trick is, finding enough people to pour over hundreds of thousands of miles of ocean looking for the Niña.

New Search Area

A few days ago, cautious cheers rang with an URGENT email sent to executive staff.  

"What is this thing that looks like a life raft?"

  Everyone is excited with the prospects of finding the Niña crew alive.  We all pray this is the final moment of the search.  If it is not, we are prepared to do whatever it takes.  

Please stay tuned, a press conference is scheduled for Thursday, August 22nd, in Houston, Texas!


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