Thursday, August 15, 2013

Press Conference Louisiana, Texas, For Nina 7, Tomnod Needs You and Flights


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 There will be a NATIONAL PRESS/EquuSearch/families press event in Lafayette, LA at 2:00PM CDT Thursday, August 15, 2013 at Home Bank, Lafayette

NATIONAL PRESS major, coordinated, national press event in Houston/Kemah, TX on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 11:00AM. 

For details contact Texas EquuSearch at +1 (281) 309-9500 and ask about the NINA 7 PRESS EVENT. Guest appearances by sailor survivors John Glennie and Steve Callahan.

Don't we owe all human beings our best effort to find them when they are lost?

You can help!  

Tomnod Saves Lives-Please try this needle in the haystack game and help us find the Nina 7!

Call the Secretary of State and ask them to support Equusearch in the effort to find the Nina 7!

Tim Miller started Texas Equusearch as a way of giving back to his community.  You can give back by joining the search for the seven sailors lost on the Nina.  Those are Danielle Wright, Evi Nemeth, Kyle Jackson, Matthew Wootton, David Dyche, Rosemary Dyche, David Dyche IV.

Kiwi Air landing role Nina Search

News:  The airplanes are back in the air looking for the Nina 7!  The cost is about 6 times per hour what they pay a high priced doctor.  The flights are flying in an area identified to be the most likely to hold the yacht, Nina.  

The aircraft is basing out of Lord Howe Island to reduce the distance to the search grid.  The countries of New Zealand and Australia have equipment that is more suited to aerial searches over the ocean but refuse to task their equipment in the search for the Nina.  The U.S. has ships in the area on maneuvers including aircraft but also refuses to support the search for the Nina.

In 1989, the yacht, Rose Noelle, capsized off of the coast of New Zealand.  The search was closed and they even had a eulogy for one of the sailors.  It was 118 days later when the crew floated to land.  After the sailors made landfall they were accused of creating a hoax by embarrassed authorities.  

Divers explored the Rose Noelle wreck site where she broke up on the rocks.  They confirmed the Rose Noelle met her end on the rocks of a New Zealand coast full of personal effects no one would have left behind.  The sailors who had lived through hell for months, forgotten on the high seas, were exonerated.

Captain David Dyche, a professional mariner, will be keeping a log of every significant event that transpires aboard the Nina.  When she washes up on land the world will know exactly how every crew person fares through careful documentation.

 In 2012, the yacht Scotch Bonnet, was abandoned North of the last known location of the Nina.  The yacht, a Swan 41, was caught in the circular currents in the Tasman Sea for five and a half months.  She eventually drifted up onto an Australian beach.

There is no evidence the yacht sank except authorities have not been able to find her, which is not unusual for the Tasman Sea.  The families and their search advisor ask the U.S. State Department to support them in the search for the Nina.    That can best be done by first listening to the advice of the private search coordinator and advocating for the lives of the Nina 7 waiting for rescue.

If it was your mother, son, daughter, brother, spouse or significant other, would you expect less?

Please donate to the Nina Fund;
Please checkout our Tomnod site;
Please call the Department of State, (202)-647-4000.  Ask them to go to bat for the Nina 7.

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