Friday, August 23, 2013

Objects Give Hope To Nina Search Teams

Two pink objects were spotted in the Tasman Sea.  Some speculate the objects belong to the sailing yacht, Nina.  They appear to be bleached out fuel tanks.
It would be difficult to connect the tanks directly to the Nina unless someone who knows the yacht can identify them.

Ralph Baird asks people to call the Department of State

The Nina is a 1928 racing schooner which went missing on June 4th, 2013.  There are 7 people on board the boat, including Kyle Jackson, former US Senate Paige, Danielle Wright who, at 19, is an accomplished sailor, diver, model and photographer.  Also aboard are Professor Evi Nemeth who wrote the basic text on Linux computer language, Captain David Dyche, Rosemary Dyche and their son, David IV are aboard.

Texas Equusearch, a non-profit organization which searches for missing persons, quietly asked whether family members knew anything about the existence of bleached out tanks on the Nina.  Considering the five families representing the seven sailors, there is an extensive net of people who know the Nina more intimately.  It takes a bit of communication in order for a network this large to answer inquiries.

On Thursday, August 22nd, 2013, the family members came together to encourage the U.S. State Department to take an active role in solving the Nina disappearance.  The families want the State Department to task high resolution satellites onto the Tasman Sea, to run drift models at a minimum cost to the Coast Guard and to advocate for the sailors, which is one of the primary goals of the State Department.

In addition, the families continue their fund raising efforts.  Since the RCC-NZ and the U.S. refuse to help the missing crew, sometimes referred to as the Nina 7,
the families are working on paying for the search from their own pockets.  A fundraiser is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., August 21st.  Interested parties are asked to contact Texas Equusearch at

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