Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dedicated Efforts Pay Off, Nina Search

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Darlene Marullo

Lights went out, then on again.  It was like a flick of the switch that changed night from early morning.  The media team met at the hotel to discuss our basic strategy.  Shelley pulled a major favor and had a friend shoot a video for us.  Dan Molina and friend Chris gave us their points of view about getting media involved.

At the end of the day, it all depends upon mother nature or the latest shooting.  Our event competes with both of these for attention.  Assuming Thursday is a slow press day we should get some action. If mother nature kicks up, all bets are off.

John Glennie and Darlene

The rest of my day was spent with troopers Darlene and long time survivor John Glennie, the world record holder for survival at sea in a cold climate.  Lou Schaefer was a big help, too.  We had but a short afternoon to hit as many places as we could.

Sea Lake Yacht Sales

Our first stop was with HSH Yachts and Jeremy Hood.  I had talked to Jeremy a week ago and he gave us time despite arriving unannounced.  We followed that by stopping at Lakewood Yacht Club, Sea Lake Yachts, Javelin Yachts, Sackett Sailing School and JM Yachts.  There were others, this is only a short list.  We also hit several marinas, one of which was unwilling to do much.  If your boat is in Houston ask your marina if they have sent out a blast email about the Nina event!

A great videographer

  The biggest surprise was 40% of the brokers we talked to didn't know what the Nina was or that she was lost!  That is to say, despite gargantuan efforts to get the news out, we have work to do!

Dan, Chris and Shelley

We are all whipped, still working, with a lot more effort to go!  Be sure to come to the press event if you want to hear about high tech tactics in search and rescue.  It will be held at the South Shore Marina and Conference Center on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.  A fund raiser will be held Friday at 6:00 p.m.  John Glennie will be present for that one, as will the families and community!

While there were plenty of smiles, underneath it all was a sense of urgency and seriousness.  Once in awhile, you could catch a glimpse of one us drifting off to those very thoughts.  Texas Equusearch brought us to this place on a mission of vital importance, bring the Nina crew home!

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