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Page 1 Search Suspended
Page 2 The Story
Page 3 About the Nina
Page 4  Dyche Family

Dyche Family During Race

Page 5  Evi Nemeth
Page 6  Matt Wootton
Page 7  Kyle Jackson
Page 8  Danielle Wright
Page 9 RCCNZ
Page 10  To the Families
Page 11  What Went Wrong?
Page 12  Last Message From Nina Crew
Page 13  Family of Nina Crew Appeal For Search Funds
Page 14  Family Anxious For Search To Begin
Page 15  RCCNZ Less Than Cooperative in New Nina Search
Page 16  Third Day of Search, Funding Needed

Page 17  New Zealand Responds
Page 18  Equusearch Seeks Satellite Specialist
Page 19  A New Era Of Cooperation
Page 20  Wild Speculation No Help
Page 21  Sailboat Washes Up On Beach
Page 22  Nina Fund
Page 23  Nina Makes Prime Time
Page 24  Kyle Jackson, Hiya Mom!
Page 25  U.S. Coast Guard Endangers Lives of Nina 7
PAGE 26, Equusearch and Nina Families Ask For Your Help
Page 27 Apathy From US Officials
Page 28 Families Seek More Funding
Page 29 Standing Up To Uncle Sam

Page 30  Possible New Location of Nina
Page 31  Reason For Hope Rescue After 76 Days At Sea


Page 32, breaking news delayed, TES Profile

Page 33  Positive Despite The Negatives
Page 34  Tomnod Saves Lives
Page 35  Holding
Page 36  Tasman Takes Two
Page 37  91 Days Lost At Sea
Page 38  Your Calls Needed



Surprise Update In Works!

Confidentiality requires we hold this story


Ralph Baird, Nina Planning 8-7 Meeting 2013

Please check back, we will break the story as soon as we can!

Until then, we thought you might enjoy this informational video about the organization that refuses to give up the ghost on a yacht that continues to make history!

While we are waiting for approval to air the next segment in this blog, we thought we would spend a few minutes on the untold story.  Texas Equusearch (TES) has inexorably become part of the history of the Nina,  a 1928 schooner which disappeared in the Tasman Sea on June 4th, 2013.  Clearly, when the crew is found, it will be due to this intrepid organization, and the hard driving of Executive Advisor, Ralph Baird.  Add to that the genius of a small team of theorists who might as well be NASA rocket scientists, and you have a rescue dream team. 

A TES search is all work, but a lot of fun, too!

The rescuers rarely receive credit for their hard work.  During the search it is verboten to disturb rescue teams because no one wants to sway them from their task.  We felt lucky to get these few images of the team at work.  After the rescue, the victims are swarmed by the press while the rescuers fall silent.  Those who do this kind of work say the desire to help others and the personal satisfaction of a day well done motivates them.  To see the smiles on the faces of grateful family members is all the reward needed.

A typical day for a rescue volunteer is grueling.  Baird, for example, has been surviving on less than four hours sleep a night.  A tight team of consultants labor into the early morning after a hard days work.  Every day there is a 30 minute "update" call that usually runs an hour and a half.  The family and social lives of the rescue staff takes second seating as the urgency to solve the missing person case increases daily.  There are always back seat drivers and Monday morning quarter-backs who rarely wait for Monday to point out errors.

Baird is tolerant of all volunteers but he has one rock solid rule.  No complaining.  He allows no one to tamper with his fiercely optimistic attitude.  He attacks problems that have no solution, and then solves them.  Because Baird insists on doing what can't be done he succeeds in doing what many think can't be done

Most of all, Baird, who is ex-military, is proud of his government and works closely with law enforcement.   He does not like criticism of our country or of those who place their lives on the line daily to keep America safe.  The Nina case has created conflict within the patriot, for the State Department he trusts has disappointed him.

The family members, of course, form the foundation for the effort.  It is their decision to keep searching or to throw in the towel.  People who have been there before will tell you, it takes a lot more heart and heartache to keep searching than it does to call it quits.  Some must take a break, lest they become a casualty of the relentless stress.  Most come back to the search effort because they know in unity exists a solution for all things.

Command Central During Rescue

In the case of the Nina, the resolve of Ricky and Robin Wright, parents of missing sailor Danielle Wright, motivate the volunteers.  Robin says little in the daily conversations but when she speaks all fall silent.  Her words of sheer determination and faith fortify the group.  

The genteel Ian Wootton from England, backed solidly by his wife Sue, never stops thinking of what is best.  What is the most efficient way to search, the most effective method, the most recent study, has the team considered this, could it be done better  that way?  Behind the words you can hear the love of his son Matthew, a Nina crew member whose compassion for those who have the least in the world has earned him a strong reputation as an environmentalist and member of the English Green Party.  Ian and Sue also refuse to give up the fight.

Besides the immediate team working on the rescue solution, there is an entire team of volunteers in the TES background you will likely never meet.  They include professional writers and cinematographers, investigators with skills matching the FBI, and administrators to help the system run smoothly.  None of them stand up for a bow, though they clearly deserve it.

Texas Equusearch and founder, Tim Miller, have been credited with saving over 300 lives after law enforcement was unable to solve the cases. In the early days, there was some jealousy and guarding of territory.  However, as person after person was returned home safe, the authorities had to admit TES fills a niche in the law enforcement matrix.  The Miller philosophy of service to others, no doubt is part of the Equusearch magic.

This public/private partnership allows police officers to concentrate on daily policing matters while a dedicated organization assists with the search.  Valuable assets are contributed by TES which allows law enforcement to invest precious funds in equipment and man-power elsewhere. TES also spends significant time in analyzing each case.  The intense manpower required would swamp most police forces or force massive tax increases to cover the time spent.

Example Satellite View

To be fair, TES has not been without controversy.  The organization has a difficult time saying no to people who are desperate for help.  Searching for people is an expensive proposition.  Those who are found say the investment was well placed.  The debts have to be paid even in a non-profit organization.  However, TES is careful to set funds aside in high profile cases to insure they are applied as desired by the donor.  Others give freely to the organization, telling TES officers and directors to apply the money where ever it is needed the most.  A local fundraiser was a huge success.

The Nina 7 are in good hands with TES and the families who support TES.  This all-volunteer organization is investing massive sums into the Australian and New Zealand economy, without taking a single penny for their time and effort.  Their application of high technology methods is already making a contribution to the Search and Rescue knowledge base.  At  the heart of the TES drive is this proposition:

"If sailors are alive, what do you think they want the families and TES to do?" Baird asked.  "If it was your mom or your son, what would you do?"

During an interview on New Zealand Radio, Baird was asked how much money TES was going to spend, and at what point would the families give up.

"Until we find wreckage indicating a search is not feasible, we will never give up," Baird replied.

PLEASE help the Nina 7

Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
P.O. Box 395
DickinsonTexas 77539
Office: (281) 309-9500
Fax: (281) 534-6719
Toll Free: (877) 270-9500

Or, mail checks directly to:
Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
c/o Amegy Bank215 FM 517 Road West
DickinsonTX 77539
Attention: Ms. Alicia White
(281) 337-9390

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