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An aggressive search continues for the crew of the missing yacht, Nina, today.  The 1928 Schooner disappeared on June 4th, 2013 after sailing into a storm.  Many believed the storm sank the boat.  However, a text message sent by crew member Evi Nemeth, but retrieved later, indicated the Nina survived the storm.  On July 5th, 2013, Rescue Coordination Center New Zealand (RCC-NZ) suspended their search efforts pending the development of new leads.

Volunteers preparing to board the Cessna Conquest, a high 

performance  twin being used in the current search

The search for the Nina is currently headed by the Texas based organization Equusearch (TES).  The non-profit organization has proved an extraordinary talent in locating people local police and even the military are unable to find.  TES has been able to return over 300 people to their loved ones alive and 158 otherwise for closure.  TES operates in 14 states in the U.S. with over 600 volunteers. 

View over left front quarter of the Conquest.  The prop blades 

caught on camera are not visible to the naked eye.

Unfortunately, wild speculation has been reported by some news organizations about the TES effort.  In one article, TES was reported to have special access to the "top secret spy organization" the National Geo spatial-Intelligence Agency, the NGA.  The article suggests the NGA was involved in locating Al Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden, hence,  TES is a super-secret spy organization with ties to the NGA.

In reality, the NGA is not so "top secret".  It "provides timely, relevant  and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security".  The capabilities of the NGA are top secret, though.  It takes a healthy amount of clout in order to access that information.

TES is no "super secret spy organization" and it has no special ties to the NGA.  However, TES is famous for using out-of-the-box solutions in problem solving, like side scan sonar to detect a missing T-34 that went down near Matagorda Bay Island, Texas.  The organization is making a college try at accessing satellite data for the Tasman Sea.  They are also searching for a volunteer who knows how to access the massive data satellites produce.

"We don't pay any attention to this kind of coverage," (referring to the Al Qaeda super secret spy comment) said Ralph Baird, TES executive search consultant.  "They are missing the story."

According to Baird, TES and RCC-NZ have forged a working relationship.  Despite being rocked by multiple earth quakes this week, RCC-NZ has worked hard with TES in the new Nina search.  If this close relationship is successful it could forge a new model for the search for private yachts lost in the Tasman Sea.  

New Zealand is forced to pay for the search for private yachts which disappear after leaving a New Zealand port.  Yet the country cannot impose minimum sea-worthy standards for those yachts prior to departure.  Tax payers are unhappy about having to pay the entire cost of multiple searches.

Evi Nemeth, SV Wonderland

TES provides counseling to the families of missing people.  They also help the families of the missing people raise funds for an extended private search once governmental agencies have made their best effort.  TES prefers to work closely with the governmental agencies and can start following the case as soon as an agency or the family requests their assistance.   TES has solved cases because of their use of the latest technology.  

"We gather as much information about the past search effort possible," Baird said.  "In this case, more is better.  The more information we get the better we can analyze the information and see if a solution can be found.

David Dyche FB

It is better to contact us sooner. We usually work under the direction of the agency in-charge and do not do investigative work- we supplement and complement the services offered by the local agency."

Aboard the Nina are David Dyche, III, his wife Rosemary and their son, David Dyche IV.  Also aboard the yacht are Evi Nemeth, Kyle Jackson, Matt Wootton and Danielle Wright.

"You will find something interesting about every one of these crew members," Baird said.  "For example, Evi, is a computer scientist who wrote several books about the computer language Unix, the more popular scientific computer operating system than the more popular public operating system windows.  Danielle Wright is studying psychology and sailed with her family all over the Caribbean and she is only 19 years old!  Kyle Jackson is an adventurer who traveled all over the world."

Baird said Ricky Wright, Danielle's father, has been instrumental in the search.

"We usually don't recommend family members get this involved." Baird said. "But Ricky is a sailor.  He has funded the search and has been a big help in choosing search areas.  Ricky and other TES volunteers have spent a lot of time studying the currents and drift patterns.  We appreciate RCC-NZ thinking on the point, as well. RCC-NZ are the experts- and the experts with the local knowledge."

Baird said the secret to any search is to put searchers in proximity to the lost sailors.  He said that is a difficult task because the area to be searched is bigger than the Gulf of Mexico.  

"Time from last-seen or heard-from is a major drawback," Baird said.  "We usually start sooner, as soon as possible.  Both the search aircraft and the yacht are moving targets.

With the Nina making national headlines, many people from across the globe have asked how they can help.  The families ask the public to help with fundraising so the TES effort can be as comprehensive as possible.  A donation to the TES Nina fund is tax deductible for U.S. tax-payers.  Please be sure to indicate your donation is for the Nina fund when you give.


Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
P.O. Box 395

DickinsonTexas 77539

Office: (281) 309-9500

Fax: (281) 534-6719

Toll Free: (877) 270-9500

Or, mail checks directly to:

Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund
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215 FM 517 Road West

DickinsonTX 77539

Attention: Ms. Alicia White

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