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RCC-NZ, A New Generation Of Cooperation PG 19

As New Zealand faces a crises caused by multiple earth quakes today, a new generation of cooperation was being forged.  Ralph Baird from Texas Equusearch (TES) indicated he had a lengthy conversation by video with RCC-NZ today.

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It is not that Equusearch isn't cooperating.  In fact, as they struggle with their own problems, they are bending over backwards to help the new search for the missing yacht Nina.  That is a level much higher than cooperation.  It represents the beginning of a relationship.

The sailing yacht Nina disappeared on June 4th, 2013, after the yacht sailed into a storm.  Subsequently, the mother of the yacht's owner received telephone calls from a distant place.  She is convinced it was a call from her son, David Dyche, who was the captain of the Nina.  If so, it is proof positive the crew is alive and survived the multiple storms that hit the Tasman Sea recently.

On July 5th, 2013, RCC-NZ suspended the search.  A suspended search is not the closing of a search.  Rather, it is an indication the New Zealand authorities felt they had gone as far as they could go, given resources.  Unless new clues are developed, no further action will be taken.

Equusearch was asked to advise the family after the search was suspended.  When I heard about them I had a similar reaction to New Zealand.  

"Sure.  They find missing people the police can't find.  Right.  Of course."

After talking with Ralph Baird I became a believer.  Then I checked out their web site and press.  I really became a believer.  Using mostly high tech devices, TES finds people even when the authorities who are the experts at the job are unable to find the person.

Sometimes it takes awhile to earn credibility.  TES has encountered problems on the U.S. Canadian border, for example.  As Baird said, "We are very polite."  People finally do the research like I did and realize a new model is being forged for the salvation of lost people.

This model could be very valuable to New Zealand.  It is a country with a limited population.  Because it is surrounded by water, the government is responsible for searching for boats, most of them from out of country, and using tax payer money to do it.  Equusearch provides a Public/Private partnership in which people donate to offset the cost of the search.  For US citizens, donations are tax deductible, which makes giving easier.

TES usually works right along side the authorities who retain jurisdiction and policing powers.  TES does a lot of the leg work and spends a significant time analyzing.  That is how they were able to find a missing T-34 for the Coast Guard in 90 minutes.  The Coast Guard had been searching for 22 days.  

New Zealand Search and Rescue Council

Negative reports in the press sell papers.  Our interest is to report the news.  We tell the truth from the way we see it.  We are not interested in sensationalizing the tragic circumstances these families face, and their loved ones face.

TES clearly respects RCC--NZ.  They are excited about a working relationship.  Everyone who comes into contact with Tess comes away a little better for it.  

Now, we turn our hearts to the people from New Zealand as the ground vibrates underneath their feet.  

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