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Nina, Nemeth, Matt Wootton Page 6


Matthew Wootton

Page 1 Search Suspended
Page 2  The Story
Page 3  About the Nina
Page 4 Dyche Family Page
Page 5  Evi Nemeth

Page 6  Matthew Wootton

Page 7  Kyle Jackson
Page 8  Danielle Wright
Page 9  RCCNZ
Page 10  To the Families
Page 11  What Went Wrong
Page 12  Last Message From Nina Crew
Page 13  Family of Nina Crew Appeal For Search Funds
Page 14  Family Anxious For Search To Begin
Page 15  RCCNZ Less Than Cooperative in New Nina Search
Page 16  Third Day Of Private Search Under Way
Page 17  New Zealand Responds
Page 18  Equusearch Seeks Satellite Specialist
Page 19  A New Era Of Cooperation
Page 20  Wild Speculation No Help

Page 21  Sailboat Washes Up On Beach
Page 22  Nina Fund
Page 23  Nina Makes Prime Time
Page 24  Kyle Jackson, Hiya Mom!
Page 25  U.S. Coast Guard Endangers Lives of Nina 7
Page 26  Equusearch, Nina Families, Ask For Help
Page 27  Apathy From US Officials
Page 28  Families Seek More Funding
Page 29  Standing Up To Uncle Sam
Page 30  Possible New Location of Nina
Page 31  Rescue After 76 Days At Sea
Page 32  Breaking News Delayed, TES Profile
Page 33  Positive Despite The Negatives
Page 34  Tomnod Saves Lives
Page 35  Holding
Page 36  Tasman Takes Two
Page 37  91 Days Lost At Sea
Page 38  Your Calls Needed

Matthew Wootton

 Matthew Wootton was 2 and half years into a planned three year odyssey by boat around the world when he found the Nina.  Most people buy their own boats to do a circumnavigation.  In Matthew's sense of conservation and practical living, Matthew circumnavigated on everyone Else's boat, as a hitch-hiker of sorts.

One newspaper claims Matthew was terrified of drowning in the ocean.  In reality, Matthew, had nightmares about dying in a tsunami which he presumes crashes against the shore.  Yet, as he stood watch on a freighter during one of his legs, Matthew speaks about his fear of being tossed overboard and lost in the vast ocean.

"Why then do I travel by freighter ship, why then do I want to sail across the ocean in a tiny sail boat? Funnily, the tsunami dream never occurs at sea. It’s always the shore that is inundated. With that wall of approaching death. But the sea still scares me. As well it should. It is the only sensible reaction to be cautious of such a beast. I keep on wishing to anthropomorphise (sic) it. Should I?"

Wootton is troubled by an unfriendly world and encourages all people to be a little friendlier.  In his face book post, "Water Water Everywhere" he speaks about the people who don't have access to fresh water.

"Worldwide 2.5 billion people on our Earth live without proper drinking water or sanitation, and this kills almost 2,000 children a day, a total of 2 million people every year." Wootton writes.

Matt Wootton on the Meridian

Wootton on the Mandolin

Matthew Wootton is a world traveler, deeply concerned about the environment and a political activist.  

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