Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Evi Nemeth, The Grande Dame of Linux, More News

On June 4th, 2013, Professor Evi Nemeth sent a text message from the yacht Nina.  They were in heavy seas and running with no sails.  No one has heard from the yacht since then.

The Grande Dame of Linux, Professor Nemeth, is waiting for the community to use the high tech resources she helped pioneer to find the seven sailors aboard the Nina, who we call the Nina 7.  Evi has been a big contributor to the USENIX group.  She wrote the basic text on the Linux computer system.  

Professor Evi Nemeth Waiting For High Tech 

and a Rescue Plane

Please join the Tomnod community to help find Evi Nemeth, Matthew Wootton, Kyle Jackson, Danielle Wright, David Dyche, Rosemary Dyche and David Dyche IV.

Equusearch is a non-profit organization which helps find sailors all over the country.  They have succeeded in returning over 300 missing people to their families. This, after law enforcement threw in the towel.

Your donation to the Nina Fund could be the dollar that saves the lives of the Nina 7.  The families would not ask for help if they did not really need it.  Many charitable donations go mostly to the infrastructure of the organization.  All of the money raised to find the Nina 7 will go to finding the Nina 7.



Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund

P.O. Box 395

DickinsonTexas 77539

Office: (281) 309-9500

Fax: (281) 534-6719

Toll Free: (877) 270-9500

Or, mail checks directly to:

Texas EquuSearch SV Nina Search Fund

c/o Amegy Bank215 FM 517 Road West

DickinsonTX 77539

Attention: Ms. Alicia White

(281) 337-9390

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